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Seth Rogen working on adaptation of graphic novel The Boys for Amazon

So I just did a piece on IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE's Wong Kar-Wai doing a period crime series for Amazon, and in the same article it said that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are directing an adaptation of Garth Ennis' dark anti-superhero graphic novel THE BOYS. I felt that focusing on one over the other would be burying the lead, so here we are. Either way, this is all super...
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Seth Rogen shares a ton of trivia about Superbad for 10th anniversary

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the comedy classic SUPERBAD, a movie that made stars out of Jonah Hill , Michael Cera , Emma Stone and Christopher Mintz-Plasse , the latter donning what may be one of the most classic names in movie history –“McLovin.” It’s hard to believe the film is already this old and to commemorate the movie’s birthday...
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C'mon Hollywood: Make Sandman into a TV show already!

THE SANDMAN is one of the seminal comic-book stories of all time. Written by Neil Gaiman , the series - about the adventures of Morpheus, the eponymous "Sandman" and personification of "Dreams" - explored the deep intricacies of mythology, themes of love and loss, and the art of storytelling itself. And through it all, it’s also full of great,...
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F Bombs - Superbad (Video)

Ever wonder how many F Bombs are dropped in some of your favorite movies like PULP FICTION , SUPERBAD , and THE BIG LEBOWSKI ? Well, JoBlo's got you covered with our all-new series F BOMBS . Here we count each and every use of the word f*ck in select flicks. So break out your calculators and try to keep up with our second episode of F BOMBS with SUPERBAD , starring...
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Herr Starr, Hitler, and more highlight the Preacher Comic Con panel

Preacher is about to get really f*cked up. Fans of Garth Ennis' brilliant Vertigo comic series were likely left a bit confused by the first season of the show. At the Comic Con panel, producer and director Seth Rogen told audiences that last year was always intended to serve as a prequel to the insanity to come and now the show is finally getting to the stuff that we have been...
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AMC releases full-length Preacher season 2 trailer

Now, like I said, I was overall impressed with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg 's take on Garth Ennis' groundbreaking graphic novel PREACHER for AMC. I had my misgivings, and the idea of setting the whole season in one town had its obvious drawbacks, but I think the adaptation got at least the essence of the story, if not every detail. We'll see how well they keep that up with the...
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The Jetsons new animated movie snags Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon

Okay, let's get a few things out of the way before we get to the news portion of this article. For starters, why didn't any of you tell me there was a new film for THE JETSONS in the works? Secondly, I used to have to biggest cartoon crush on Judy Jetson when I was a child, so please understand that this is a very big deal for me. There are lots of emotions happening inside of...
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AMC's Preacher unleashes new promo, showing off more of the Saint of Killers

Like I've said before , I really enjoyed what Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg did with their AMC adaptation of Garth Ennis' seminal graphic novel THE PREACHER. It's a bonkers tale of a West Texas preacher who gets the power of God, and goes on a quest with his hitman girlfriend and vampire best friend to beat the shit out of God. It was always going to be hard to...
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Character posters for Preacher season 2 surface

Now I know many fans have had many misgivings about the take AMC and Seth Rogen / Evan Goldberg took with Garth Ennis' seminal graphic novel series PREACHER. With it being controversial, graphic, and offensive even to this day , it was always going to be an uphill battle to adapt it. And, honestly, as a fan of the graphic novel, I thought Rogen/Goldberg did a fine job with...
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Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg to bring Robert Kirkman's Invincible to screen

I have no evidence to back this up, but I'm fairly certain that, every morning, Seth Rogen eats the rights to comic book properties for breakfast. For real, this dude is involved with more superhero-related cinema than I can keep track of, and today, he's added another super-powered project to his plate. The smoke on the digital street is that Seth Rogen and...
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Dominic Cooper is quite powerful in Preacher season 2 teaser

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were successful in bringing at adapting the comic book series, Preacher , to the big with a show of the same name on AMC.  Audiences clearly agree as a second season is on the way with Dominic Cooper returning as Jesse Custer, someone who you might say is the worst man of the cloth ever, until you remember he’s not even close. A teaser for...
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Don't hold your breath for a sequel to Sausage Party

Although Seth Rogen had previously said that SAUSAGE PARTY was the " first time we ended a movie with the intention of making another one " and that he wanted to " make sausage-talking movies for the rest of our lives, " it seems that he's had a bit of a change of heart. While speaking with The Daily Beast , Rogen stated that if they're going to spend...
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