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Michael Jackson's Thriller to be released in 3D next year

In a recent interview, director John Landis has confirmed his long-gestating plans for a 3D release of Michael Jackson ’s THRILLER is now in the works. While Jackson passed away in 2009, his popularity remains intact thanks to the release of two albums and the very successful documentary THIS IS IT . We don’t know for sure just how we might see the 3D video, but Landis...
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Cool Videos: Nick Offerman brings hilarious voice-over to The Gunfighter

If you have eight minutes to spare and love to laugh, you should watch the short film The Gunfighter . A narrator voiced by the mustached Nick Offerman sets up the story of a lone gunslinger who walks into a saloon. However, the catch here is that the people in this saloon can hear the narrator, who is either out for blood or is just pissing around with all of the clichéd...
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Cool Videos: The creepy animated short made by 11-year-old Lars von Trier

Earlier today we showed you the Tim Burton 's strange Hansel & Gretel short from 1983; check it out and be terrified. Now we don''t set out to give you all nightmares, but I do have another treat for you tonight and it comes from Lars von Trier when he was just 11-years old. Lars von Trier is one of the most controversial directors working right now; if you...
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Here is the trailer for Pixar Short Films Volume II

It shocks me that there are Pixar haters out there. There is no animation studio as consistently inventive and innovative as Pixar. Think about the state of animation before TOY STORY was released and tell me that we are not better with their films than without them. That being said, while some of their feature work has not been as top notch in recent years (but still damn good),...
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