Funny trailer for Netflix's Dear White People drops

I remember really liking the DEAR WHITE PEOPLE movie. It was funny, poignant, and dealt with the black experience of assimilation and self-identity with a dry, insightful wit. So I'm excited to see what Netflix is going to do with its new series based on the film. Well, a new trailer for the show just dropped, so let's take a look: Hmmm, it seems to basically just be the...
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Bill Nye Saves the World releases new, energetic trailer

If you were a kid growing up in the '90s, you know who Bill Nye is. Whenever a science teacher was lazy, hungover, or a combination of both, they'd put Bill Nye's VHS tapes (god, does that date me) into the VCR and BAM another class period over. Admittedly, I didn't appreciate Nye then (I was apparently "too cool" for it, in all my Tripp pants and...
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Netflix to make a "super violent" Castlevania animated series

So apparently Netflix is going to be making a "super violent" CASTLEVANIA animated series, based on the Konami videogames of the same name. However, the show will reportedly be based primarily on the third entry CASTLEVANIA III: DRACULA'S CURSE, which is about " the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from...
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New Powerless promo shows off real DC superhero Crimson Fox

I've already made it clear that  I'm looking forward to the new NBC superhero comedy POWERLESS , a sitcom about regular joes trying to make an honest living in the DC universe. Well, a new promo has just been released, and it shows off real-life DC superhero Crimson Fox . This is what she looks like in the comics: And this is what she's going to look...
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Young George Lucas joins CW's Legends of Tomorrow

Wow. A lot of   STAR WARS news today . But it's like Tupac once said " I didn't choose to cover STAR WARS news, the STAR WARS news chose to cover me " or something. It's been awhile. But either way, there's some truth to that dumb joke, as sometimes you're constrained as an internet film news editor to report on what's pertinent...
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Bryan Fuller wants to do Hannibal miniseries about Silence of the Lambs

While it didn't kick off the trend, Bryan Fuller's HANNIBAL was one of the best of the "shows made out of movies" genre, alongside other such shows like 12 MONKEYS, BATES MOTEL, MINORITY REPORT, LETHAL WEAPON, and the recent EXORCIST. It was stylish, dark, gruesome, but best of all fun . The show dealt with dark subject matter, but always with a sense of...
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Another day, another Riverdale trailer to get the blood flowing

I don't know why, but I'm fascinated by this Archie reboot. I think this is like the third or fourth article I've written about it, and I seem to be the only one on this site interested in news about it. I mean, sure, the comics did some weird shit... ...but CW's RIVERDALE seems even weirder and more off-putting than that, if that's possible. Weirder...
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Trailer released for new AMC Western series The Son starring Pierce Brosnan

So it seems AMC is continuing its trend of shows about powerful, morally ambiguous white dudes. We had MAD MEN, BREAKING BAD, LOW WINTER SUN, HALT AND CATCH FIRE, and now they're going to try again with THE SON starring Pierce Brosnan . Here's the official synopsis: As a child, Eli McCullough ( Pierce Brosnan ) was kidnapped and raised among the Comanche Native American...
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Wet Hot American Summer creators work on sci-fi comedy Moon Cruise for TBS

Michael Ian Black (VH1's I LOVE THE... series) will create and star in a new television series for TBS called MOON CRUISE, which is being described as " LOVE BOAT, but in space ". Honestly, that sounds pretty amazing.  What's even more amazing is that Black is teaming up with David Wain (director of ROLE MODELS) and Michael Showalter (co-creator of...
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NBC releases trailer for gritty Wizard of Oz reboot Emerald City

More gritty reboots! Yay! This one comes in the form of an epic TV series EMERALD CITY, based on L. Frank Baum 's popular WIZARD OF OZ novel (though I imagine the show will also take cues from other, lesser known books in the Baum's OZ saga as well). Honestly, it's mostly surprising it's taken this long to make a gritty reboot about Oz more than anything. You'd...
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Y: The Last Man adaptation at FX gains traction, gets showrunner

Whenever I think of being the last man on Earth after a plague wiped out every other dude, it's not nearly as fun, nuanced, or affecting as Bryan Vaughn's popular comic book series Y: THE LAST MAN tackling the same subject is (usually it's just gross). And, for some reason, Hollywood has been having a really hard time getting an adaptation on the ground, keeping it...
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Elektra to return in Netflix's Defenders series, apparently not a spoiler

The Marvel Netflix shows seem to be knocking it out of the park. In fact, when LUKE CAGE first premiered, Netflix crashed from too many downloads . Suffice to say, people love them some Marvel. And from the very outset every Marvel Netflix show, from DAREDEVIL, to JESSICA JONES, to LUKE CAGE, to the as-of-yet unreleased IRON FIST, were all leading to the team up show THE DEFENDERS (a...
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