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The Office, 30 Rock & more on NBC's revival wish list

One of the most trying periods a person can go through is seeing their favorite TV shows come to an end. Emotions run high as you beg the heavens for one more season – but alas your prayers go unanswered. In this day and ag, though, some shows have a second chance at life as studios scramble to bring back beloved shows to capitalize on nostalgia. NBC is currently rebooting WILL...
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HBO promo shows off new Game of Thrones costumes

So a new promo for HBO was released, which showed off new costumes for the characters of GAME OF THRONES. Now, to be fair, the promo isn't just for GAME OF THRONES, but for the network itself (with appearances from the cast of SILICON VALLEY, VEEP, and...BALLERS...) However, GAME OF THRONES is the only show where we've discovered anything new or interesting about it besides "it exists"...
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HBO renews Westworld for a second season

WESTWORLD, another show in a long string of shows based on movies , is apparently a huge hit for HBO! In fact, it's actually getting better ratings than GAME OF THRONES' first season! Which means - you guessed it - the show is getting a second season renewal! Yay ! Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy had this to say about the good news:...
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Amazon releases new trailer for show Good Girls Revolt

I think Amazon is doing pretty well when it comes to their new shows. I liked the pilots for JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON and THE TICK, and have heard good things about MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. They now have another show in the works, which is said to be "MAD MEN, but feminist" which sounds right up my alley - even if I'm sure that description is going to get groans...
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Hulu is developing VR shows, holodecks still a Pipe Dream

Virtual Reality (or VR) is a thing now, and that's awesome. While it's in its early stages, the demos that have been shown in the gaming world, as well as concert (and porn) videos, shows that the new technology has potential. We're not able to use a holodeck to  shoot Borg with machine guns yet, but it's a start.  Hulu is also trying to capitalize on...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Is television about to experience superhero overload?

I think all of us can agree that comic books are f*cking awesome. They have no doubt been a huge inspiration for our generation and it shows with the rapidly increasing amount of comic book adapted films and television shows. People are finally able to see their favorite comic book/graphic novel characters come to life, both on the big screen and the small one. However, with so many new...
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