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Comic Con: Coolest toys and statues at the Con!

There's a lot to look forward to each year at Comic Con, from star-studded panels, amazing cosplayers, epic announcements, and Auntie Anne pretzels. Okay, that last part was bullshit, but you catch my drift; there's a lot of cool stuff at Comic Con, but perhaps the coolest, or at least my personal favorite, is the barrage of toys that flood the convention floor. If you're a...
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Comic Con: Top 10 Coolest Toys

There is an onslaught of toys at Comic Con, more than anyone could fully take in. You are surrounded by finely molded pieces of plastic, stone, and stuffing at every turn, enough that it could rattle your brain. As I pushed, clawed, bumped, and inched my way through the crowd a number of things jumped out, some of it exclusive, some of it prototype, and some of it already available, but all of...
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