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The Coolest Collectibles from the Con! (Comic Con 2016)

San Diego Comic-Con is no doubt filled with everything cool and geeky, from creators, artists, filmmakers, panels, art, screenings, cosplayers and the big show of Hall H. But, beyond all of that, the convention floor has, in my opinion, the absolute best aspect of Comic-Con; the collectibles. Figures, statues, apparel, replicas, and so much more, it's a smorgasbord of shelf-space...
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Comic Con 2015: Best Toys and Statues!

Next to seeing the awesomeness that fills the geek sanctuary known as Hall H, my favorite aspect of Comic Con is the toys and statues. As a bonafide toy nerd, the convention floor is a veritable smorgasbord of cool toys, statues, and the like. From Sideshow Collectibles to Gentle Giant to Neca to McFarlane to Funko to Kotobukiya and so many more, there's so much to take in and, if...
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I Want That: Commander Skywalker and Tauntaun sixth scale figures!

Ah, Sideshow, how you steal all my money! Chances are you may have a few extra bucks after the holiday season and you're burning up inside to buy something awesome (or pay the rent...decisions, decisions). If you're looking to add to your collection of pop culture collectibles and happen to love Star Wars, particularly THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, then this is your bag, I assure you....
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Cool Holiday Gift Ideas 2013 - Figures and Statues

CLICK HERE for our Cool Holiday Gift Ideas guide for Collectibles CLICK HERE for our Cool Holiday Gift Ideas guide for Books CLICK HERE for our Cool Holiday Gift Ideas guide for Blu-ray & Box Sets For those who are strong with the nerd force and hungry for the higher-end collectible figures and statues to populate their cave of geekdom, this is the place...
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I Want That: Hot Toys' Eric Draven from The Crow is "horror-ifically" awesome

Man, Sideshow Collectibles just doesn't want me to have any money. As I type this, I'm looking at my newest addition to the nerd cave, which is the Iron Man Mark VII armor from THE AVENGERS and it's a beauty. I figured I was good for a while, having gotten this bad boy, but then I run across this newest piece of plastic greatness: Hot Toys Eric Draven from THE CROW, one of the...
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