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C'mon Hollywood: Why videogame movies suck and how to fix 'em

SUPER MARIO BROS. STREET FIGHTER. MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION. HOUSE OF THE DEAD. Not only are these terrible videogame movies, there are some of the worst movies, period . And the list goes on! DOUBLE DRAGON, DEAD OR ALIVE, ALONE IN DAR – I mean, you get the idea. Hell, let’s add ASSASSIN’S CREED and (presumably) RESIDENT EVIL: FINAL CHAPTER to that list as well. So...
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Top 10 Scariest Movies You Have Probably Never Seen

Halloween is finally here which means many of you are probably looking for a good scary movie to watch. You could go with a classic that everyone has heard about or roll the dice with some found footage flick on Netflix. But, if you are really curious, how about you choose from one of these ten less well known horror films that you have likely never seen before. Every one of them is going to...
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NY Comic Con: Best of Cosplay gallery!

Make no mistake, New York City Comic Con is a breeding ground for all manner of shenanigans. You never know who you might run into. Hell, you'll most likely bump into at least 100 Batmans while you're there. That's because comic conventions are notorious for drawing out the Cosplay crowd. Cosplayers are part of a culture that is known for its vast creativity and devotion to the art of...
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Guillermo del Toro's The Strain renewed for a second season

While there hasn't been an official announcement from FX yet, it looks like The Strain is a go for season two. The first 13-episode season filmed in Toronto from September 2013 to late April of this year and according to Global News , the cast and crew will return to Toronto this November. Since the series premiered in July, it hasn't exactly caught on like wildfire, but the...
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Guillermo Del Toro involved with new Silent Hill game starring Norman Reedus

The last Silent Hill was released back in 2012, but the survival horror video game series is returning in a big way. An interactive teaser for Playstation 4 called P.T. was released yesterday, and at the end it was revealed to be a demo for a new Silent Hill game from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro called Silent Hills , featuring The Walking...
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Today's Awesome Money-Saving Deals on Amazon.com: The Omen Collection, Leon, Carrie, The Munsters, and more!

There are hundreds of movies released every year, and hundreds of Blu-Rays and DVDs that soon follow.  Not to mention all of the collections and special editions and re-releases and remasters and whatever else the studios can manage to cook up. Let's be honest - it's just a lot to keep track of. But never fear, because that's where this column comes in.  We want to help you out by...
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Comic Con 2012: End of Watch and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

The panel for Open Road Films had the unfortunate situation of being sandwiches between DJANGO UNCHAINED and the epic Warner Bros. panels. But they still bravely brought two films to Hall H… It seems like writer-director David Ayer keeps making the same cop movie over and over—TRAINING DAY, HARSH TIMES, STREET KINGS and DARK BLUE. With END OF WATCH, he’s trying to present a more...
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