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Godfather of the zombie film, George A. Romero, has passed away

We are reporting today with a heavy heart that the godfather of zombie movies – George A. Romero – passed away today at the age of 77. He died in sleep Sunday after a “brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer,” according to a press release given to the LA Times from Romero’s longtime collaborator, Peter Grunwald. According to his family, who were at...
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Hilarious U.S. trailer for I Give It A Year starring Rose Byrne, Anna Faris, and Rafe Spall

Yes, I used boobies to bring you here. Writer/Director Dan Mazer has made a name for himself with the Sacha Baron Cohen comedies BRUNO, BORAT, and ALI G IN DA HOUSE, and is now moving on to his own features, starting with the British romcom I GIVE IT A YEAR. The straightforward pic follows the "trials and tribulations of a newlywed couple during their first year of...
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This trailer for I Give It A Year looks like the best romantic comedy in a long time

To put it bluntly, romantic comedy is the shittiest genre. Per capita, there are more bad romcoms than there are good ones. We have gone entire years without having a decent romantic comedy movie, which is a shame. Katherine Heigl , Jennifer Lopez , Sandra Bullock , and Kate Hudson collectively have reduced the genre to a joke. But there is hope. The release of BRIDESMAIDS...
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