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Review: Simon Killer

This review originally ran as part of our Sundance 2012 coverage. PLOT: Reeling from a bad breakup, a recent college grad, Simon ( Brady Corbet ) heads to Paris, where he hooks up with a prostitute (Mati Diop), who takes him in. From there, he gets lost in a sea of sex, drugs, and blackmail- all of which could have deadly consequences. REVIEW: SIMON...
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Poster Round-up: Jurassic Park 3D, Neuromancer, Killing Them Softly, and Zero Dark Thirty

Lots of new posters today, and all of them better than that crappy teaser poster for WORLD WAR Z. First up we have the poster for JURASSIC PARK 3D. No, not a new movie, just the re-release of the original Steven Spielberg movie, now in gloriously unnecessary 3D. I am left wondering when this trend will stop seeing as post-converting any non-digital movie to 3D looks like shit. I love...
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