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Matthew Vaughn feels obliged to make another Fantastic Four movie

Considering all of the blow-back that surrounded the release of Josh Trank 's FANTASTIC FOUR, it's easy to forget that KINGSMAN helmer Matthew Vaughn was a producer on the failed superhero film. With that being said, Vaughn recently chatted with Corey Chichizola over at Cinemablend and stated the following with regard to one day giving Marvel's first family another go...
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Jennifer Lawrence felt she owed it to fans to return for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Several of the leading X-MEN actors, including Jennifer Lawrence , found their contracts coming to a close with X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, prompting fans to wonder just how many familiar faces would be back for X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. After first saying that APOCALYPSE would be her last X-MEN film, Jennifer Lawrence later changed her tune, saying that she loves the X-MEN movies and would...
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Jumper TV series in development from Jamie Bell & Julian Simpson

Nine years ago an action flick called JUMPER came out, the story centering on individuals who could teleport around the world and were being hunted by those who wish to exterminate them. The movie hoped to kick start a franchise, but nothing beyond the first movie ever materialized. Now after all these years the series may live on in the television world, as one of the movie’s...
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Fantastic Four writer confirms Marvel purposely sidelined the comic books

You might not know this, but there are no more FANTASTIC FOUR comics on the stands - or more accurately for today's youths - no longer available for digital download. Marvel claims the books just weren't selling, and that the concept is too outdated for today's market. But is that true? According to FANTASTIC FOUR comic writer Jonathan Hickman - who also...
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Jessica Chastain is ready to make James McAvoy cry in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The X-Men have faced some serious foes in the past, but in their next adventure – X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX – they will face their most dangerous enemy yet: Jessica Chastain . The actress has signed on to play the villainous empress Lilandra in the upcoming film, and to mark what is possibly the beginning of her shoot on the movie she took to Instagram to mock Professor X himself...
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Famke Janssen feels that she's done playing Jean Grey for the X-Men films

Before GAME OF THRONES star Sophie Turner stepped into the boots of one of Marvel's most powerful telepaths in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, the character of Jean Grey had been potrayed (for years) by actress Famke Janssen . Recently, while participating in a panel at Denver Comic Con, Janssen confessed that she believes her days of playing Jean Grey have come to an end. While...
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Evan Peters to return as Quicksilver for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

As Evan Peters proved to be quite the scene-stealer in both X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, I'd actually be a little shocked if he wasn't going to reprise the role of Quicksilver for X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. As reported by THR , Peters has signed on to appear alongside his fellow X-Men in the upcoming sequel, so you can rest assured that the mutant speedster...
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Simon Kinberg speaks on an alternate cut and future of the Fantastic Four

Everyone has a personal "Worst Movies of All-Time" list, and there's no doubt in my mind that Josh Trank 's FANTASTIC FOUR sits miserably among my top five. Allow me a moment to explain, the Fantastic Four have been my favorite super hero team for the better part of six years, and in no way, shape, or form did the rebooted FF film do a single thing to honor...
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JoBlo Movie Show Podcast: X-Men universe talk, Oscar predictions & more!

Select your listening preference below: *The following podcast is Rated F for Foul Language* Welcome to The JoBlo Movie Show Podcast ! Join hosts Paul Shirey (Editor-in-Chief,, Chris Bumbray ( film critic), and Sean Wist ( news/video editor) as they discuss all the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) things about film and...
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Rumor: Simon Kinberg looking to write & direct the next X-Men film

Although X-MEN: APOCALYPSE may not have received the reception which Twentieth Century Fox was hoping for, there's still plenty of stories left to tell in the X-MEN franchise as well as a great deal of money to be made. Simon Kinberg , who has been involved with the X-MEN franchise for over a decade, may be set to take on an even larger role for the next X-MEN film as Collider...
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Doug Liman to resurrect Jumper as a TV series for YouTube Red

The general concept behind JUMPER was a promising one, a young man discovers he has the power to "jump" instantaneously to any location that he can visualize accurately and uses those powers like many of us would, to show off and amass a stolen fortune. He soon discovers that he's not the only "Jumper" in the world and that a group of religious extremists, called...
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Kate Mara would be "really happy" to do a sequel to Fantastic Four

When a disaster strikes that's so massive and destructive it’s hard to rebuild. Take a look at what hurricanes and tornadoes do to cities, causing irreparable damage. Many would say that 2015’s FANTASTIC FOUR was a catastrophe on par with such natural disasters, to the point where it seems useless to rebuild. But that still isn’t stopping the film's star,...
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