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Alex Kurtzman teases a darker Venom spinoff

We have some new details regarding the upcoming Venom spinoff which we last heard was titled VENOM CARNAGE. Writer/director Alex Kurtzman has shared some insight into the tone of the project; we still don’t know what iteration of the character the film will follow. We know that besides Perter Parker, Eddie Brock was the first to wear the alien symbiote; in 2011, Marvel Comics...
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Venom now titled Venom Carnage; Doc Ock may lead the Sinister Six

Earlier today we shared news about a female Spider-Man spinoff, and judging by the comments and reaction around the Internet today, it’s going to be a hard sell. We have more news from the Spider-Man universe regarding the Drew Goddard ’s SINISTER SIX which is set for a November 11, 2016 release. Reports suggest that Dr. Octopus will be in charge of the villains...
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Drew Goddard in negotiations to direct Sinister Six for Sony

That Drew Goddard is so hot right now. The writer-director has slowly built a great resume leading up to what might be a huge payoff—a crack at a huge villain piece for Sony. Goddard is currently in negotiations to helm the SINISTER SIX spin-off. This would be a nice set up for Goddard whose only previous effort was 2012s CABIN IN THE WOODS. Goddard did pen the script for...
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Roberto Orci dishes on Venom, the Sinister Six, and making the antihero appealing

The one thing that has to be heavy on your mind when it comes to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 is the amount of villains along with the introduction of the Sinister Six. Not only that but Venom is finally getting his moment to go solo-- but how should we be feeling about that? Excited is one word though worry is always hanging. I can understand how it might be a great task to bring six...
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