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Review: Smashed

NOTE: SMASHED was reviewed as part of our Sundance 2012 coverage in January. PLOT: Kate (Mary Elizabeth-Winstead) and Charlie (Aaron Paul), are young, in love, and happily married. They're also two raging alcoholics- but you couldn't tell either that they have a problem, as they're under the illusion that they still control the booze rather than allow it to control them....
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The first trailer for Smashed featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul is brief yet powerful

We have been hearing a lot about SMASHED and the buzz (no pun intended) surrounding the lead performances from Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul. Now, we have our first look at the trailer. There is nothing glamorous about this trailer. Winstead looks completely wrecked and I imagine that this will be a difficult spiral to witness on the big screen. Aaron Paul looks like Jesse...
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead gets caught by Nick Offerman in this clip from Smashed

I've been hearing about how great SMASHED is for awhile now. Unforutantely, there's been no footage for me to get a taste. Until today that is! A new clip from the film has Nick Offerman (PARKS & RECREATION) confronting Mary Elizabeth Winstead (SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD) about drinking on the job. I've seen the serious side of Offerman before, but not anything significant from...
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