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C'mon Hollywood: Get back to the gore, Peter Jackson!

Sticking closely to shoe-string budgeted films and appropriately titled "splatstick" horror comedies, Peter Jackson wasn't exactly the biggest name being passed around the film community back in the day. It wasn't until he received recognition for his work on HEAVENLY CREATURES that he was able to break away from the cult director status he associated himself with and before long,...
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This new TV spot for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey gives us a glimpse of Smaug

While we won't actually have the chance to really check out what Peter Jackson and actor Benedict Cumberbatch have done with Smaug until the second film in the new trilogy at the very least, this TV spot does give audiences the flashiest of glimpses at his flaming form as it (presumably) descends upon the lakeside town of Dale. And not only that - this TV spot also gives several...
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