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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to produce film about the FIFA scandal

The FIFA scandals that have been rocking the world of football (or soccer, if you are from America) have been the subject of major news outlets for weeks now. The abysmal failure of the FIFA-funded biopic UNITED PASSIONS didn't helm matters. But, a much less flattering project about the seedy underbelly of FIFA will be coming from Warner Bros and producers Ben Affleck and Matt...
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Gerard Butler vs. Nazis; set to star in WWII-set soccer drama The Death Match

Ah, Gerard Butler and his sports movies.  CHASING MAVERICKS didn't bode so well at the box office and his next one, PLAYING FOR KEEPS, a much lighter soccor pic doesn't look so hot either.  Regardless, Gerard is at it again, this time with a much more intriguing concept, as he'll star in the WWII-set soccer drama, DYNAMO, a true story based on the novel Dynamo: Defending The...
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The trailer for Gerard Butler's Playing For Keeps is like chicken soup for the soccer soul

So, if you're having one of those days and you just need a light, fluffy pick me up, then this new trailer for the Gerard Butler starrer, PLAYING FOR KEEPS, just might do the trick.  Or, it could potentially have the opposite effect, as it did for me.  It's very much like pouring a cup of sugar on top of a Cinnabon and having to eat it all in one bite.  Co-starring Jessica Biel, Catherine...
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