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PLOT : A psychic helps his old friend at the FBI track down a serial killer  REVIEW : Sir Anthony Hopkins thrilled audiences with his Academy Award winning performance in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS way back in 1991. And ever since it seems that he takes on the occasional thriller in hopes to recapture that magic. And in many ways, his latest film SOLACE, harkens back...
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Anthony Hopkins tracks a psychic serial killer in new trailer for Solace

SOLACE originated from a script which was intended to be a sequel to SEVEN, but once that was determined to be a terrible idea, the script was rewritten to follow Dr. John Clancy ( Anthony Hopkins ), a retired physician who uses his psychic powers to assist a friend ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) in solving a series of homicides. There's just one complication, the serial killer ( Colin...
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Anthony Hopkins hunts down a psychic in the international trailer for Solace

So here's a movie that's been sitting around for a few years, which is rarely a good sign, but now we have an international trailer so you can make up your own mind. SOLACE follows a former doctor with psychic abilities ( Anthony Hopkins ) who is drawn into a serial-killer case, only to find that the killer ( Colin Farrell ) is a psychic as well - so the two men can detect each other's...
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins in Solace

When we first received news about the serial-killer thriller SOLACE it sounded pretty generic and run of the mill. The only things about the film that piqued my interest was the casting of Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell , and director Afonso Poyart had some interesting visuals in his film TWO RABBITS. THR has a casting update as well as a different synopsis that may make...
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Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins to team up for serial killer thriller Solace

Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins are now set to team up for the serial-killer thriller, SOLACE, for director Alfonso Poyart (TWO RABBITS) where the duo will have a bit of a role-reversal thing going on.  Farrell will star as the serial killer, while Hopkins will play a retired doctor who is brought in to help catch him.  The role of the F.B.I. agent working with Hopkins has...
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