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Jim Broadbent reveals the character he's playing on Game of Thrones!

Having been in both HARRY POTTER and CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, Jim Broadbent can now add GAME OF THRONES to his fantasy series Bingo card. But while he played a wizard and Professor in the other two series, respectively, who will he playing in the HBO series about "tits 'n dragons"? Well, while doing an interview with ScreenCrush for another project (the...
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C'mon Hollywood: Stop judging a movie by its rumor and being a better fan

Last week an article was posted in regards to some alleged BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE screenings that were received with a supposedly negative reception. Since then a furor of Internet rage has spread through the interwebs, inciting a general anxiety about the film and its future franchise potential, based almost entirely on that original report, which is by no means the final...
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Theater owners propose new guidelines limiting the length and spoiler content of movie trailers

Working for this website, you get accustomed to watching tons of movie trailers. In fact, we as a society now watch more trailers than movies. When you go to the theater, you are likely going to be watching almost half an hour worth of movie teasers and trailers, some of which give away way too much detail about the movie being advertised. But, that is the way studios market their films...
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What is a spoiler? A plea from a Schmoe

THERE ARE SOME MOVIE SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE, SO READER BEWARE! Up until just a few months ago, I was a Schmoe like you. I visited JoBlo.com every day to get my dose of movie news and reviews. Sure, I had aspirations to be a writer or even a filmmaker, but reality bogged me down. All I knew was that I loved to write and I loved movies. So, when an opportunity to work for the...
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Is Game of Thrones getting ready to film The Red Wedding?

GAME OF THRONES fans, this is your spoiler warning. If you have not read the George RR Martin novels or wish to keep everything fresh, turn away from this story now. I will not be held responsible for your anger and frustration if you continue reading this story. You have been warned. For those of you who are still reading, you need to know that a major event is coming to GAME OF...
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