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Marvel's Squirrel Girl may hit TV in New Warriors comedy series

There's been a lot of talk these past couple of months regarding a Marvel character by the name of Squirrel Girl. As silly as the name sounds, Squirrel Girl does possess super strength and fast healing (a la Wolverine) and yes, she can also talk to squirrels. Thanks to some support from charismatic actress Anna Kendrick and director Edgar Wright , the little-known comic...
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Edgar Wright really wants Anna Kendrick to play Squirrel Girl

With every new Marvel movie the biggest aspect that plagues everyone’s minds the most is casting. Who’s going to get to play the next beloved hero for, say, the next decade? You could say it’s the biggest responsibility for any one person to have. I mean, we only elect a president for an absolute max of eight years. But once in a blue moon, the perfect casting...
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Cast This: Squirrel Girl

In this edition of Cast This we will be looking at casting Marvel’s Squirrel Girl ; the comic book series star has been making headlines as of late thanks to actress Anna Kendrick eyeing the role that hasn’t officially been called for yet. Doreen Green, known as Squirrel Girl, is a human superhero with the proportional strength and speed of a squirrel, as well as...
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The Marvel Minute - Anna Kendrick & Squirrel Girl, new Iron Man, Cap statue

In this new weekly video series, we round up all the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and comics) news from the previous week to get you all caught up on everything that's happening in the Marvel world. In our first episode, for the week of July 3-9. Get caught up below and check the links for more info! Anna Kendrick voices support to play Squirrel Girl A statue...
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Anna Kendrick would go nuts to play one Marvel hero

When anyone asks me who my favorite modern Hollywood starlet is one of the names that instantly pops up is Anna Kendrick. She’s funny, genuine, a delight to gaze upon and immeasurably talented. She’s done everything from heavy dramas to animated musicals, with no signs of slowing down. Hell I'd watch her chop carrots for four hours. She doesn't even have to make...
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Marvel trademarks Squirrel Girl; is she joining the Cinematic Universe?

If you have your ear to the ground when it comes to all things Marvel, you may have heard something around the water cooler today about Squirrel Girl (real name: Doreen Green). Earlier this month Marvel filed a trademark for Squirrel Girl; Marvel usually registers trademarks to protect TV and film rights down the road. So obviously people are getting excited and suggesting this is...
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