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Shane Black explains how Iron Man 3's villain was once very different

As much love as the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets these days and has over the years, there is one area of their operation that has been severely lacking for sometime now - the presentation of their female characters. We know The Wasp will finally be introduced as a co-headliner with Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel will be getting her due... but their track record hasn't been very good...
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Robert Downey Jr. "could do one more" solo Iron Man movie

Is Robert Downey Jr. starting to feel left out of some of Marvel's fun lately?  Downey's version of Tony Stark/Iron Man has never been too far away from any creative direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken. Even with Iron Man's individual story trilogy coming to an end, RDJ has been right in the middle of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, in addition to fronting...
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Rumor: Has Marvel already found Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man replacement?

Take this with a grain of salt, but there are rumors out there suggesting that Marvel already has selected the replacement for Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man and he will be ready to take over the mantle for IRON MAN 4 in 2019. Forget the fact that IRON MAN 4 has not even been announced yet, but the sources claim the successor to Tony Stark is a character we have already met. A source...
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Robert Downey Jr. now says there are no Iron Man 4 plans

I'm thinking Robert Downey Jr. may have gotten a phone call from Marvel after appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show . Yesterday Downey told Ellen (and the rest of the world) IRON MAN 4 is going to happen, but while on the Late Show with David Letterman , the actor said there are no plans for a fourth IRON MAN movie. There's no plans for an Iron Man 4. There's no...
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Robert Downey Jr confirms Iron Man 4 is in development

During a recent appearance on Ellen Degeneres' daytime talk show, Robert Downey Jr. finally laid to rest the competing rumors as to whether IRON MAN 3 would be getting a sequel. The answer is yes. While RDJ has denied the film multiple times, he recently became more open about it, stating he would do IRON MAN 4 if his friend Mel Gibson directed it. But, it seems he was much more...
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Robert Downey Jr. would return for Iron Man 4 if Mel Gibson directs

Robert Downey Jr. has stated before that there's currently no IRON MAN 4 in the works, most likely due to any negotiating that has to be done to keep him on board. While it doesn't seem like he's ready to step out of the spotlight anytime soon , Downey Jr. knows that the ball's in his court. So what would it take for him to strap on the armor? Well, how about Mel...
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Robert Downey Jr. says there are no plans for a fourth Iron Man movie

If you were hoping one of Marvel's upcoming untitled films will be IRON MAN 4, I have some bad news for you. While in Toronto to help promote his THE JUDGE (you can read Chris Bumbray's review from TIFF here ), Robert Downey Jr. was asked about the possibility of another IRON MAN movie. There isn’t one in the pipe...No, there’s no plan for a fourth Iron...
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Ben Kingsley further complicates the Mandarin mystery from Iron Man 3

We are past the one year mark since the release of IRON MAN 3 so I will dispense with the spoiler warnings on this article. We are going to discuss The Mandarin. Yes, I mean the version played by Ben Kingsley and not the fire-breathing villain Guy Pearce played who called himself The Mandarin at the end of the film. We all went into IRON MAN 3 expecting Kingsley to bring the comic...
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The UnPopular Opinion: Iron Man 3

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** You might think it odd that IRON MAN 3 would be up...
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Guy Pearce says he almost turned down Iron Man 3 role

You may have noticed Guy Pearce doesn't appear in the biggest movies, which is why many were surprised when the actor signed on to play Aldrich Killian in IRON MAN 3. In a recent interview with Total Film , Pearce revealed he initially turned down the role, and explained why he almost passed on IRON MAN 3. My agent was certainly very excited by the prospect of Iron Man 3,...
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Watch the first minute of the Marvel one-shot All Hail The King right now

When the first images of the Ben Kingsley Marvel one-shot ALL HAIL THE KING were unveiled recently, many began to theorize the possibility of a different incarnation of The Mandarin appearing in IRON MAN 4 or a future AVENGERS movie. While most folks were disappointed with the Trevor Slattery bait-and-switch tactic employed in IRON MAN 3, you have to admit Kingsley's performance was...
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Get a first look and new info on the Marvel One Shot: All Hail The King with Ben Kingsley

Trevor Slattery is back in the Marvel One-Shot: All Hail The King, which stars Sir Ben Kingsley (as well as ARGO's Scoot McNairy as a documentary filmmaker) as the controversial "villain." IRON MAN 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the 14-minute short, including how they decided to focus on Kingsley's IRON MAN 3 character...
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