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Get your Beauty and the Beast fix with a new featurette and b-roll footage

Bill Condon 's adaptation of the classic Disney fairy tale hits theaters in a little under a month's time and if yesterday's clip just wasn't enough for you, we have a few behind-the-scenes goodies to check out today. The first video here takes a look at Belle's wardrobe that's sported by the lovely Emma Watson . Definitely an interesting look for those of...
4 days ago
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Emma Watson sings "Bonjour Belle" in this new clip for Beauty and the Beast

Now, while I'm not typically a fan of musicals, I must admit that Disney's live-action adaptation of their animated classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has me pretty excited. Full disclosure here, I'm a big fan of the animated original. Furthermore, I also have this burning desire to see Hermione ... I mean Emma Watson step into the role of the bookish Belle. She's certainly...
5 days ago
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A new Beauty and the Beast behind-the-scenes video reveals more movie magic

Up until today, I haven't watched any trailers or investigated any footage concerning Disney's live-action adaptation of their animated classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It's nothing personal, I just haven't had the compulsion, you know? Anyway, my attitude toward the film has changed dramatically, this afternoon, after watching this new behind-the-scenes video that...
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Cool Videos: Belle loves Voldemort in Beauty & the Beast/Harry Potter mashup

As Emma Watson is best known for her role of Hermione Granger in the HARRY POTTER franchise, it was only a matter of time before someone paired up the upcoming BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, in which she plays Belle, with the Wizarding World she left behind. The folks over at Pistol Shimps have done just that with their Beauty and Lord Voldemort mash-up trailer, which imagines the Dark...
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A tale as old as time is almost upon us in final Beauty & the Beast trailer

With SPLIT currently dominating the box office with an unexpected run 2017 is looking to be a year of surprise hits. But one thing that won’t be a surprise hit but a massive force-to-be-reckoned-with is the upcoming BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The latest of the live-action Disney movies just dropped its final trailer which is full of magic, dancing, lavish production and…books....
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Beauty and the Beast sneak peek at Disney parks plus new poster

For Disney fans who can't wait to see Bill Condon 's take on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Disney parks in both California and Florida will be showcasing a sneak peek from the upcoming film. Starting on February 10th, a preview of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will be presented in 3D along with in-theater effects at the Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land at Disney's California...
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The gang's all here in these new Beauty and the Beast character posters

The thought of Disney adapting each and every one of their animated classics into live-action would usually be enough to trigger more than a few bouts of eye-rolling, but the studio has, for the most part, done an admirable job of treating these stories with respect. With over a dozen more live-action Disney adaptations on the horizon, there are plenty of opportunities for this trend to...
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Emma Watson explains why she took the part of Belle instead of Cinderella

Emma Watson is the new Belle in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and Disney die-hards are overflowing with giddiness, waiting to hear her sing and twirl in the upcoming film. But this is a fairy tale that was almost not so, as Watson was offered the leading role in the 2015 live-action CINDERELLA movie, but turned it down. Lily James was then hired, and everything turned out magical, and...
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This Beauty and the Beast featurtte focuses on Emma Watson's Belle

One of the more controversial choices of the upcoming BEAUTY AND THE BEAST adaptation is that of Emma Watson playing the part of Belle. While the jury is out on her performance until the movie hits theaters, we do have a new featurette with Emma talking about the role and how important it is for her to get it right. Take a look! Emma Watson wouldn't be my first (or...
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Emma Watson belts a tune in new Beauty and the Beast teaser

Yesterday the final poster for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST debuted, and with it the promise of a sneak peek during the Golden Globes ceremony. Anyone who watched the telecast knew Disney wasn’t lying, and those who didn’t because they know the internet exists will be graced this morning by the sound of Hermione Granger herself ( Emma Watson as Belle) serenading you with a siren...
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Every character is here to grace the final Beauty and the Beast poster

On March 17 we will be treated to what will most likely be the first truly massive movie of 2017, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The latest of the live-action Disney adaptations could be their biggest yet, especially after JUNGLE BOOK blew away expectations last year. This movie already ranks high on many folks’ “most anticipated” lists, and I’m sure their excitement...
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Hear a taste of Emma Watson's singing voice from Beauty and the Beast

Though STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII is the most anticipated movie of 2017 , coming in at third place (with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 smushed in between) is Disney’s newest live-action film, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The animated film from 1991 is one of the most beloved in the entire Disney animated canon, and audiences are foaming at the mouth to see if the studio can keep their...
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