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Review: Gold

PLOT: A down-on-his-luck businessman ( Matthew McConaughey ) teams up with a geologist ( Edgar Ramirez ) in the hopes of striking it rich deep in the jungles of Borneo. REVIEW: The early images released from Stephen Gaghan ’s GOLD mildly misrepresented the film. The first, widely circulated photo (as seen below) showed Matthew McConaughey ’s wild-eyed Kenny...
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We talk Gold with Matthew McConaughey, Bryce Dallas Howard and Edgar Ramirez

In GOLD, a film loosely based on real events, Matthew McConaughey plays a desperate gold prospector named Kenny Wells, a man living in the shadow of a family name he can't seem to live up to. A lot of people want the American dream; Kenny can't seem to live without it. He teams up with a geologist named Acosta ( Edgar Ramirez ) on a gold dig in Indonesia and strikes it rich,...
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Matthew McConaughey goes ass-out in red-band Gold trailer; UK poster drops

This January will see plenty of awards hopefuls going wide, including HIDDEN FIGURES, LIVE BY NIGHT, SILENCE and the Matthew McConaughey vehicle, GOLD. The former three all have reliable names and premises behind them, but GOLD is the one that’s not striking as hard on the audience anticipation meter. This could just be because of all the other promising flicks coming out this...
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Gold gets new release date & poster with a strutting Matthew McConaughey

Unpack your bags, kids. I know you were excited about venturing off into the jungle with Matthew McConaughey in his new movie GOLD this Christmas, but it turns out we’ll have to wait until the cold, bitter month of January for our treat. A new press release for the movie indicated the new wide release for the film is scheduled for January 27, 2017, a full month back from...
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Matthew McConaughey is plump, balding & gold hunting in first Gold trailer

You know an actor is fully committed when they're willing go from looking like Superman to looking like a failed rodeo clown just for a role. Christian Bale did it for AMERICAN HUSTLE and Robert De Niro famously packed on the pounds for RAGING BULL. Now we can add Matthew McConaughey to that illustrious list, as he gained 40 pounds for his new movie GOLD which dropped...
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See Matthew McConaughey & Edgar Ramirez teasure hunt in first pic from Gold

Any McConaughey is good McConaughey and if you thought his treasure hunting days were over, we have a new picture courtesy of Entertainment Weekly that proves otherwise. Behold the first image from Stephen Gaghan 's GOLD featuring McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez ! The film will follow struggling businessman Kenny Wells (McConaughey) who teams up with a hapless geologist (...
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Disney is developing a Charles Darwin adventure film

Well, I can't say that I saw THIS coming! Walt Disney Pictures has just acquired an untitled pitch that writer Stephen Gaghan (SYRIANA, TRAFFIC) will pen and direct. While details are scarce, Deadline reports that the movie is being molded into an adventure film featuring Charles Darwin. While the English naturalist and geologist is best known for his contributions to evolutionary...
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Matthew McConaughey wanted for Randall Flagg role in The Stand adaptation

This coming Monday, Matthew McConaughey could win an Emmy for his fantastic performance on True Detective; which would sit perfectly next to the Oscar he won earlier this year for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB . A man of talent and class, it’s no wonder he’s in high demand these days. He will be starring in Christopher Nolan 's anticipated epic INTERSTELLAR this November,...
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Has M. Night Shyamalan been secretly filming a new horror movie?

Last month we learned M. Night Shyamalan will be working with Bruce Willis again for the romantic drama LABOR OF LOVE, but has he also been stealthily directing a new movie? Shyamalan recently tweeted this picture of a slate for a movie called SUNDOWNING, and although no one is sure what the film is about, some think it could be a horror movie. Day 5 of the movie complete!...
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Blu-Ray Review: After Earth

A ship malfunction in space leaves a father and son stranded on Earth years after we engineered its destruction. With his father injured and dying, Kitai must embark on a solo journey across hostile territory in hopes of salvaging the rescue beacon from the tail end of the ship.
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Cool Videos: Even the Honest Trailers guys can't mock the awful After Earth

Ah, AFTER EARTH. What a pile of dog crap. Usually, Honest Trailers does a damn fine job of mocking the movies we all love, but this time around they go after M. Night Shyamalan's blockbuster dud starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith . The sheer difficulty that they encounter when reviewing the film goes to show what an accomplishment this movie is. I spent the requisite hours to...
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C'mon Hollywood: Time for Will Smith to step up his game!

Last week M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, AFTER EARTH, debuted to $27 million , matching the opening gross of star Will Smith ’s last sci-fi flop, WILD WILD WEST . Could the irony be any thicker? For Smith, it’s been a while since he’s sunk that low, especially in the summer season sci-fi genre. Of course, it’s been a while since Smith has done...
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