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Stephen Lang to be the main villain of all four Avatar sequels

I sure do hope you enjoyed Stephen Lang 's performance as Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron 's AVATAR, because we just got word that Lang is set to return as the villain for all four of the planned sequels! Recently, while participating in an interview with Empire , Cameron told the entertainment news outlet that,  “The interesting conceit of...
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Weta has officially begun work on the Avatar sequels

James Cameron may have been delaying the start of his AVATAR sequels for as long as the life span of a Golden Retriever, but the man has finally begun work on his massive undertaking. He’s not alone either, as famed visual effects house – Weta Digital – has announced they are now hard at work creating more photo-realistic blue aliens. The Oscar-winning visual...
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Production has begun on James Cameron's stand-alone Avatar sequels

On the evening of June 20th, during 20th Century Fox's presentation at CineEurope in Barcelona, Lightstorm Entertainment's Jon Landau shared some details as to the production of James Cameron 's four upcoming AVATAR sequels. As we've reported in the past, the Cameron-directed films will be stand-alone ventures, but will ultimately come together to form "an epic...
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Oona Chaplin joins the cast of James Cameron's Avatar sequels

Pretty much everyone who survived the events of AVATAR, as well as some who didn't, are expected to return for the whopping four sequels to the James Cameron epic, but there are still plenty of new characters to be cast. During CineEurope in Barcelona it was announced that Oona Chaplin (yes, Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter) will be heading to Pandora. Plot details of...
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Joel David Moore to head back to Pandora for Avatar sequels

It just wouldn't be an AVATAR film without Joel David Moore reprising his role of (checks IMDb) Dr. Norm Spellman! Per Deadline , Joel David Moore has officially signed on for more adventures in the world of Pandora, but it's not yet known how many of the four sequels Moore will appear in. It shouldn't come as a big surprise that Moore will be back as pretty much...
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James Cameron has no concerns over time gap between Avatar 1 & 2

Time is the master of erosion. Everything will succumb to its grip, and that includes the passion people have for certain movies. AVATAR remains the highest grossing movie of all time, and though a sequel has been in the works for a long time there will be a decade-long gap between the first film and AVATAR 2. This is a large amount of time in which people to lose interest in the 2009...
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Peter Jackson posts first Mortal Engines concept art

Peter Jackson is returning to the land of movies with the new flick MORTAL ENGINES based on the book of the same. The four-story series take place in a world where cities survive on wheels that travel on tracks and devour other cities to gain resources. If that seems difficult to picture then don’t waste your time straining that pretty brain and take a look at the first...
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Cliff Curtis cast in prime role in all four Avatar sequels

Now that the AVATAR movies have finally set their release dates, and assuming they will hold like steel pillars this time, we can now move on to the nitty-gritty details of the movie. Casting is one of those details, and the sequels just added one new actor to join the returning gang. News is that FEAR THE WALKING DEAD and TRAINING DAY’s Cliff Curtis has just been cast in...
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Release dates have been set for all four Avatar sequels

Even though it’s been about seven and half years or so, I’m gonna go ahead and label the amount of time we’ve been waiting for the AVATAR sequels as “forever”. That way I can say we’ve literally been waiting forever for the AVATAR sequels from James Cameron . The director has been pushing the release date back, and further back for years, but we...
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Sigourney Weaver says that Avatar 2 will begin shooting this fall

After the release of AVATAR in 2009, the next installment of the franchise encountered several delays as James Cameron and his team hammered out the scripts to what would become four movies, and now, according to Sigourney Weaver when she spoke to THR , they may actually start shooting later this year. At a recent screening of THE ASSIGNMENT, which Sigourney Weaver stars...
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James Cameron says Avatar 2018 release "is not happening"

In 2009 AVATAR blew up the world with its massive, shocking, still-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter success. But now all fans want are the sequels - all four of them in fact. The first was supposed to hit next year after nearly a decade since the first. But, as it turns out, James Cameron and co. are probably just gonna go for the full 10 years. *Gasp!* *Wilt!* *Faint!* Just...
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Stephen Lang & more join the Peter Jackson produced Mortal Engines

It's always fun to see Stephen Lang (AVATAR) pop up on the big-screen and one of his next projects will be an adaptation of Philip Reeve's "Mortal Engines" series. THR reports that Lang is set to join the cast of the Peter Jackson produced flick as Thaddeus Valentine, " one of the most powerful men in London society and one who is trying to get his hands on...
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