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Why Stephen Lang may not be Cable in Deadpool 2, according to Stephen Lang

There are some people who are literally born to play certain roles—like it’s in their genetic code. Some of those people include Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, John Wayne as any cowboy, or Donald Trump as King Oompa Loompa. And then there’s Stephen Lang , who seems a perfect choice to play the comic book villain, Cable, who is set to make his big-screen debut in...
2 hours ago
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Review: Don't Breathe (Comic Con 2016)

PLOT : Three friends break into the home of a wealthy blind man with plans for an easy payday. They soon discover that the mysterious man is far more capable - and deadly - than they had anticipated. REVIEW : When it comes to 2016 blockbusters, it’s safe to say that we’ve had an underwhelming year. However, when it comes to horror, it’s been...
3 days ago
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James Cameron on why Avatar needs four sequels

Sure, AVATAR quickly became the highest grossing film in the world with an astounding $2.7 billion and remains one of the most incredible visual experiences I've had in a theater, but not once have I thought that it needed another nine hours of story added on. Still, it's James Cameron playing around in a world of giant blue space monkeys so I'd be lying out of my ass if I...
3 days ago
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We're giving away tickets to Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe at SDCC!

The San Diego Comic Con is gearing up to begin in less than 2 weeks and what better way to begin the hype than a giveaway?! We have 10 pairs of tickets for the SDCC screening of Fede Alvarez 's DON'T BREATHE that are just burning a hole in our pockets, and one of those just might have your name on it! From the director of the EVIL DEAD remake, DON'T BREATHE follows a trio...
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Trailer for Don't Breathe + we step into Escape Room L.A.!

As a massive fan of scary movies, the idea of being able to live through one and still come out alive and well is pretty damn thrilling. And thanks to the fine folks from Sony Pictures Entertainment, a number of journalists were invited to do just that. In preparation for the release of the trailer for DON’T BREATHE, the latest film from Fede Alvarez, we were invited to Countdown...
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James Cameron explains how they're going to shoot all those Avatar sequels

When James Cameron popped up at this year's CinemaCon and announced plans to proceed ahead with now four AVATAR sequels in the coming years, nearly everyone thought the man insane. After all, how many people were really psyched about one AVATAR sequel at this point, let alone three more on top of that? But this is the same filmmaker that continues to prove people wrong every...
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James Cameron announces four Avatar sequels at CinemaCon

The world of Pandora keeps growing in James Cameron 's mind, and, with that, so does the number of AVATAR sequels the filmmaker intends to make in order to tell the whole story.  What once began as a trilogy and then morphed into a quadrilogy has now undergone changes again with Cameron making a surprise appearance during 20th Century Fox's presentation at...
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Cast This: Nathan Summers aka Cable

A sequel to DEADPOOL was reportedly greenlit before the first film was even finished with test audiences. Now that the movie is a huge success with critics, fans, and box office receipts, there really is no question that a sequel is coming. The only questions are when will it happen and what will it look like when it gets here. The folks behind the sequel are adamant they’re not...
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Stephen Lang is down for playing Cable in Deadpool sequel

DEADPOOL 2 hasn't been officially greenlit yet, but we do know that a sequel is already in the works , and Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller have promised that Cable, aka Nathan Summers, will appear in the follow-up. Last year , Miller said "If we don’t put Cable in Deadpool 2 I think we’ll be run out of town on a rail," and over the weekend...
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Awfully Good: The Amazing Panda Adventure + 3 Ninjas (video)

Between KUNG FU PANDA 3 and that viral video of the panda playing in the snow , this seems like an appropriate week to revisit…   The Amazing Panda Adventure (1995)   Director: Christopher Cain Stars: Ryan Slater, Yi Ding, Stephen Lang   Christian Slater's little brother gets to play with a baby panda for...
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James Cameron's Avatar 2 delayed again; Won't open in 2017 as planned

Last month, James Cameron said he was targeting a Christmas 2017 release for his first of three planned AVATAR sequels, but now The Wrap has heard it won't be ready in time for next year's holiday season, and has been delayed once again . Fox declined to comment on the delay, although it has been confirmed by individuals with knowledge of the situation. An updated release...
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Interview: Band of Robbers Matthew Gray Gubler & Aaron and Adam Nee

Back in November, I had the opportunity to see BAND OF ROBBERS. This modern take on Mark Twain 's Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer was a breath of fresh air. Wild and witty with a whole mess of inspired characters. Aaron and Adam Nee have crafted a wonderfully envigorating piece of cinema, one that also features terrific performanes from Kyle Gallner , Matthew Gray Gubler,...
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