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According to Isla Fisher, a Wedding Crashers sequel is in the works

Waiting a decade before releasing a sequel to a hit comedy film seems the thing to do right now, but have any of those belated sequels ever lived up to the original? Not likely, but that isn't about to stop Hollywood from churning out a few more. According to Isla Fisher , the next comedy flick to get the long-delayed sequel treatment will be WEDDING CRASHERS. While...
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A new writer boards the sequel to We're the Millers

While weíre already on the topic of sequels, letís talk a follow-up of the comedic variety. Iíll be honest here; Iím sort of surprised that I actually watched all of WEíRE THE MILLERS. But once I stopped acting like a total judgmental a-hole, the movie wasnít all that bad. Sure, it was mediocre, but I had a few good laughs. Plus, I was reminded of the killer bod on 45-year old...
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Review: We're the Millers

PLOT: A low-level drug dealer recruits a stripper, a runaway teen and his dorky neighbor to act as his family while he attempts to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the U.S. REVIEW: As joke after joke landed with a thud, I slumped down in my seat early on during WE'RE THE MILLERS. It seemed this was going to be one of those R-rated comedies that just used F words to get by,...
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The new red-band trailer for We're The Millers is potty-mouthed perfection. Plus more of Jennifer Aniston stripping!

When the first red-band trailer for WE'RE THE MILLERS hit the Internet, the buzz was on the sexy striptease from Jennifer Aniston . Aniston finally broke her crappy movie role streak with her against type turn in HORRIBLE BOSSES and looks to be doing it again in this raunchy comedy from director Rawson Thurber (DODGEBALL). What seems to be getting missed is that this is also the...
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The red band trailer for We're The Millers features Jennifer Aniston as the sexiest MILF stripper ever

With THE HANGOVER PART III holding an awful 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes , Warner Bros is obviously hoping that their other big R-rated comedy, WE'RE THE MILLERS, will fare better. When all is said and done, what THE HANGOVER lacks in T&A looks to be made up in this movie simply in having Jennifer Aniston strut around in a bra and panties. The red band trailer for WE'RE THE...
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