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Clips emerge for Steven Seagal actioner Cartels

Man Steven Seagal makes being an action star look so easy - in the sense that it seems all it takes to be one is grunting out lines, walking slowly, and pointing guns unconvincingly at people. You don't even need to be in shape or throw a punch or anything! I mean, I'm also fat, lazy, and sporting a questionable goatee, where's my action film? Anyway, Seagal's...
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Steven Seagal somehow still making movies, latest titled Contract to Kill

Damn. According to imdb , Steven Seagal has starred in fifty-five films, with six coming out just this year . That is certainly productive. But like anyone who makes a lot of things quickly, you find that one of the first things to go is quality control. It's just a fact. And to help prove that point is Seagal's latest film, CONTRACT TO KILL. In this one,...
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Interview: Steven Seagal talks his latest film, favorite roles, & more!

There are a number of guys in Hollywood that I’d always want to talk with. And with the upcoming release of a film called ABSOLUTION, one of those opportunities happened. I’m talking the iconic Steven Seagal . Growing up watching movies like HARD TO KILL, UNDER SIEGE, ABOVE THE LAW and so many others, I was quite frankly pretty nervous to chat with this fine gentleman....
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Exclusive: Steven Seagal has a kickass goatee in this clip from Absolution

I have fond memories of Steven Seagal kicking ass in movies like HARD TO KILL, MARKED FOR DEATH, and UNDER SIEGE. Hell, Seagal's brief scenes in EXECUTIVE DECISION were pretty awesome too. In recent years, the man has done everything from direct to video action flicks to reality television. Even at the age of 63, the man is still churning out movies on a regular basis. His latest,...
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Awfully Good: Maximum Conviction

Maximum Conviction (2012) Director: Keoni Waxman Stars: Steven Seagal, Steve Austin, Michael Pare Only Steven Seagal and Stone Cold Steve Austin can keep people from breaking in to jail. Wait, what? After hearing a mildly conscious Steven Seagal on the JoBlo Podcast this week , I came to a stunning realization: I've been doing...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Steven Seagal Joins Us! Our James Bond Extravaganza! Skyfall Reviewed!

Steven Seagal! The James Bond Spectacular! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Johnny Moreno is on location so time is limited for TV Round-Up talk. We still get all the goods out about Homeland, SOA, Boardwalk Empire, and The Walking Dead. Steven Seagal joins the show for a quick interview about his new film with Steve Austin,...
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