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New details on M. Night Shyamalan's mysterious new film Sundowning

No one even knew M. Night Shyamalan was filming a new film called SUNDOWNING until he tweeted about it earlier this month , but The Wrap has managed to dig up a few new tidbits of information about the mysterious film. According to the site, Shyamalan's new movie stars Kathryn Hahn (BAD WORDS, THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY) as a single mother with two children, who has a...
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Has M. Night Shyamalan been secretly filming a new horror movie?

Last month we learned M. Night Shyamalan will be working with Bruce Willis again for the romantic drama LABOR OF LOVE, but has he also been stealthily directing a new movie? Shyamalan recently tweeted this picture of a slate for a movie called SUNDOWNING, and although no one is sure what the film is about, some think it could be a horror movie. Day 5 of the movie complete!...
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