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Chameleon and other Spider baddies could show up in Silver & Black

So I know people are ambivalent about Sony's plans to have a Spidey-verse without Spider-Man again. I mean, that sort of thinking is what sunk the original Amazing-verse (where the second movie was just a promise for other movies), and not only that, but Sony and Marvel can't seem to decide if these films are canon or not. Not a good look. However, there is a lot of talent...
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Luc Besson is tired of superheroes & calls Captain America propaganda

There are quite a lot of superhero movies out there and the genre shows no signs of slowing down, so it'd be understandable if you've grown a little tired of them over the years, and VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS director Luc Besson certainly isn't shy about expressing just how over them he is. Although it's a genre which he was once quite excited about,...
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Ben Affleck says Snyder and Whedon had different visions for Justice League

So JUSTICE LEAGUE is almost upon us. After many false starts and dashed hopes, it seems the movie is finally on its way. But it's not coming without some problems behind-the-scenes. This includes the family tragedy of Zack Snyder causing him to step down and have Joss Whedon stepping in, as well as a prolonged - and expensive - re-shooting schedule (which includes the story...
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Russo Brothers announce they've started filming Avengers 4!

The Russo Brothers were a controversial pick when they first were announced as directors for CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, as they'd only done TV - and mainly comedies like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and COMMUNITY - before that. However, now they're the top dogs at Marvel, after the awesome one-two punch of CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER and CIVIL WAR, and are now directing the...
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Live-action Teen Titans series casts its Raven!

So it's actually happening. After much talk and false starts, we're finally going to get a live-action TEEN TITANS series from Greg Berlanti , Geoff Johns. and (ugh) Akiva Goldsman called TITANS. Debuting in The Brave and the Bold #54 in 1964, the TEEN TITANS followed the adventures of an alternating roster of young superheroes - such as Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy - who...
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Rumor: Original Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) to show up in Captain Marvel!

I'm really looking forward to the MCU's CAPTAIN MARVEL film. For one, it's just cool to see more female superheroes headlining their own films (only the third after SUPERGIRL and WONDER WOMAN - because I don't count ELEKTRA or CATWOMAN). For another, I really like Brie Larson as a performer, and I think she'll make a kick-ass Carol Danvers. Not only that, but the...
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Elongated Man to appear on CW's The Flash series

So it looks like Elongated Man - the lame version of Plastic Man - is going to guest-star on the fourth season of CW's THE FLASH series. For those unaware, Elongated Man is a Private Investigator named Ralph Dibny who - alongside his wife Sue - solve crimes and stop villains, often alongside The Flash in the comics. So it's nice that he's getting his due on The Flash's own show. I...
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Promo released for upcoming series Krypton following Superman's grandparents

You know, I have no idea what to think of the upcoming SyFy show KRYPTON. Set in the universe set forward by MAN OF STEEL (meaning, unlike SMALLVILLE or SUPERGIRL, this show is directly connected to the DCEU), the show will follow Superman's grandparents (since I imagine Russell Crowe wasn't available to play his parents on some - likely soon-to-be-cancelled - TV show) in what looks...
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Apparently the Justice League reshoots have been long and expensive

So there has been a lot of confusion and hearsay about exactly how extensive the reshoots Joss Whedon has done on Zack Snyder 's JUSTICE LEAGUE. Was it just a few weeks (pretty standard reshoot schedule) with some character beats and some punched up dialogue? Or has it been more than that? Well, according to Variety, it's been a lot more than that, and in fact...
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Rumor: Ben Affleck might hang up the bat-cowl after Justice League

So, this is a shocker. It seems that Ben Affleck might not return to the Batman role after JUSTICE LEAGUE, not even Matt Reeves ' upcoming solo BATMAN film. Which is a shame if true, as he was one of the only good parts of BATMAN V SUPERMAN, and seems to be doing more good work in the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE. Now, of course, this is all only rumors for now. However, sources...
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Announcement trailer released for Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within

I love the Telltale Games. I remember playing WOLF AMONG US for the first time, and getting panic attacks between each choice (luckily I ended up getting a good ending). And each successive game has been building on the last in terms of story, scope, and choice, with the BATMAN Telltale game being no exception! So it's exciting to find out there's a new chapter on the way called...
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Directors talk Sony's Venom and Silver & Black Spider-Man spin-off films

So even though Sony and Marvel worked over their issues to allow Spider-Man into the MCU in the highly successful CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING films, that doesn't mean Sony won't also be making their own solo films starring ancillary Spider-Man characters. The first one to come out will be VENOM starring Tom Hardy and directed by ZOMBIELAND's Ruben Fleischer ....
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