SyFy releases full trailer for Happy!

So, I've expressed my excitement for SyFy's upcoming series HAPPY! a few times on this site. I just love the idea of clashing two tones - that of hard-boiled crime noir and whimsical family fare - and the results seem to be working. It's basically an R-Rated WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? to a certain extent. It also doesn't hurt that it's based on a pretty good graphic novel by Grant Morris...
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Happy's face says it all in new promo for the SyFy series

I've been really looking forward to the hitman-with-an-imaginary friend SyFy series HAPPY for a while now. Based on a graphic novel by Grant Morris on, the story follows Christopher Meloni as the aforementioned hitman trying to save a little girl with the help of the titular imaginary friend Happy, voiced by Patton Oswalt (originally Bobby Moynihan in the pilot, before...
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Russo Brothers comic adaptation of Deadly Class gets Syfy pilot order

You guys, I think my head might explode before I finish bringing you this news. One of my favorite comic book series of the past few years, DEADLY CLASS, has just received a pilot order from Syfy! Oh yeah, and to sweeten the deal, Joe and Anthony Russo (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR) are on-board to produce. The hard-boiled indie comic book series from...
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SyFy's Happy trailer shows off more bloody mayhem and cartoon antics

Who hasn't had an imaginary friend at some point in their life? Playing with you when no one else would, going on cool adventures together, them telling you to burn the house and skin the non-believers. Pretty normal stuff, really. What's cool about the upcoming HAPPY! is that we normally associate imaginary friends - especially cute flying unicorns - as something for children. Thus,...
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Grant Morrison and Syfy's Happy! has got a new premiere date

In my estimation, the comics industry had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they welcomed Grant Morrison into the fold. As a creator, Morrison has contributed to some of the biggest characters and best selling series since his 1978 debut. Throughout the years, he's worked on titles such as DC Comics' Animal Man , Batman , Justice League of America ,...
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SyFy films releases trailer for their sci-fi thriller Realive

SyFy movies aren't known for quality - unless you happen to think the SHARKNADO films were snubbed at the Oscars or something. However, the new trailer for their upcoming film REALIVE looks like the company is trying to be a bit more prestegious with their latest project. I mean, this one at least looks like a movie (that water vortex scene looked nifty) and...
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Promo released for upcoming series Krypton following Superman's grandparents

You know, I have no idea what to think of the upcoming SyFy show KRYPTON. Set in the universe set forward by MAN OF STEEL (meaning, unlike SMALLVILLE or SUPERGIRL, this show is directly connected to the DCEU), the show will follow Superman's grandparents (since I imagine Russell Crowe wasn't available to play his parents on some - likely soon-to-be-cancelled - TV show) in what looks...
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You demanded it, now it's here: Deep Blue Sea 2 on its way!

DEEP BLUE SEA isn't a great movie. The effects are dated, the story is kind of stupid, and the action mediocre. But it does have one of the best deaths in movie history , which I think really elevates it. It's at least what I remember about it. That and the end credits rap song (a cinematic staple I kind of miss). Anyway, the sequel will be hitting SyFy (from the...
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Tremors TV show coming to SyFy with Kevin Bacon in tow!

Well, it looks like yet another movie is getting the TV show treatment, and this time it's the cult-classic creature feature TREMORS, which will be coming to SyFy. It won't even be the first time, as there was a show (also on SyFy when it was still called Sci-Fi) that came out in 2003, but was quickly cancelled. However, what makes this interesting isn't its existence...
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Syfy has ordered a pilot for George R. R. Martin's Nightflyers novella

We've got some good news for all of you George R. R. Martin fans out there! It's been confirmed that Syfy has ordered a pilot episode for the relentless-killing-machine of an author's NIGHTFLYERS novella. Martin's 1980 story NIGHTFLYERS  tells the story of eight maverick scientists and a powerful telepath who, hoping to make contact with alien life, embark on...
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SyFy releases teaser for Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

Since the world isn't fair, and is a dark existential nightmare always on the edge of teetering into the abyss, it explains the existence of a fifth fucking SHARKNADO movie. And, look, I don't have a problem with the SHARKNADO series because they're bad movies. I've seen shit like BIRDEMIC, THE ROOM, FATEFUL FINDINGS, and A TALKING CAT?!? more times than...
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Syfy's Blood Drive grindhouse series trailer has monsters, nymphos & more!

Hello friends, if you're like me, every now and again you find yourself with a crave on for blood, beasts, and bodacious badass babes as a part of your preferred cinematic diet. Thankfully, you can usually find all of those ingredients and more baked into films like DEATH PROOF, PLANET TERROR, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, and CHILLERAMA, just to name a few. Oh,...
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