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Review: Manchester By The Sea

This was originally reviewed as part of our Sundance 2016 coverage. PLOT: A man ( Casey Affleck ) returns to his hometown following the death of his brother ( Kyle Chandler ) to take care of his teen-aged nephew (Lucas Hedges). REVIEW: Following the whopping $10 million acquisition of MANCHESTER BY THE SEA by Amazon Studios, it seems like writer-director Kenneth...
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Casey Affleck dives into family drama in the Manchester by the Sea trailer

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA follows a man ( Casey Affleck ) who returns to his hometown following the death of his brother ( Kyle Chandler ) to take care of his teen-aged nephew (Lucas Hedges). Amazon Studios paid $10 million to acquire the rights for this flick, so you're probably not going to see too much promotion for its limited theatrical release, but here's a trailer that delivers some...
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Sarah Shahi is becoming Nancy Drew for CBS

The last time anyone tried to do anything with the character of Nancy Drew, Warner Bros. couldn't quite get a franchise off the ground with a poorly received feature film starring Emma Roberts . That was 2007. But as we've all learned... if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. And CBS is doing that, ready to take their shot with Nancy Drew as a series on the network, making...
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Elle Fanning transitions from a woman to a man in the About Ray trailer

ABOUT RAY tells the story of three generations of a family living under one roof in New York. Ray ( Elle Fanning ) is a teenager who has come to the realization that she isn't meant to be a girl and has decided to transition from female to male. His single mother, Maggie ( Naomi Watts ), must track down Ray's biological father ( Tate Donovan ) to get his legal consent to allow Ray's...
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New trailer for 24: Live Another Day with Kiefer Sutherland gets into action

A new trailer for Fox's revived series, 24: Live Another Day digs into the story and action, giving us more details about the dynamics of Jack Bauer's return to the small screen. Once again starring Kiefer Sutherland as the enigmatic hero, the series also sees the return of regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe, William Devane as President James Heller, Kim Raver as Audrey Raines, and...
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First official images from Fox's 24: Live Another Day with Kiefer Sutherland

In just two short months Jack Bauer will finally return to the small screen in FOX's 24: Live Another Day, and EW has a bunch of new official images from the upcoming limited television series. Kiefer Sutherland 's Jack is obviously the star of these new stills, however there are also new official images featuring most of the supporting cast, including Benjamin Bratt , Mary...
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Updated: Your new Batman is: Ben Affleck!!!

UPDATE: Full press release from WB is below With all the speculation, back and forth, rumors, and hopes, Warner Bros. has settled on their new Batman and it's none other than Ben Affleck ! Some had hoped that Christian Bale would return to the role, while others felt that Karl Urban was the best choice (according to our Cast This he was the big winner),...
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Trailer for "women in prison" show Orange is the New Black from the creator of Weeds

Netflix is set to debut yet another original series, this time based on a memoir by Piper Kerman called Orange is the New Black, about the author's experience serving a 15-month sentence in a women's prison. The results aren't exactly HBO's Oz, but rather a more comedic approach to the not-so-desireable journey of living behind bars. The show is put together by Weeds creator†Jenji Kohan and...
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C'mon Hollywood: Spread out your Oscar fare!

If youíre anything like me, then you find it exceedingly difficult to catch every single movie you want to see in theaters, especially during the Fall/Winter Oscar season. As the actual ceremony approaches, I often find that Iím still way behind on catching all the contenders, which can be a little infuriating. And the thing is, itís not about the Oscars at all, because I could give a f*ck...
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Need more proof Argo should be Best Picture at this year's Oscars? Check out this 28 minute featurette

Most in Hollywood left ARGO for dead when Ben Affleck was not nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards. It seemed to be a foregone conclusion that the critical and box office success would end at the Golden Globes. But, then recognition came from the Directors Guild, the Producers Guild, and now the BAFTA for Best Picture. Suddenly it appears incredibly foolish that the...
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Honest Movie Posters for 2013 Oscar Contenders; Argo! Django!, Zero Dark Thirty!, Lincoln!

The folks over at CollegeHumor.com have come up with some really great "honest" movie posters for this years Oscar contenders, covering all the bases, stereotypes, and true-to-form realities of the various films all vying for golden statues this year.  Everything from ARGO, LINCOLN, ZERO DARK THIRTY, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, AMOUR, LES MISERABLES, DJANGO UNCHAINED, LIFE OF PI,...
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The full list of Golden Globe winners! Affleck! Tarantino! Waltz! Costner!

The 2013 Golden Globes has come to a close with some great surprises and expected wins.  Overall, it was a well-structured show, with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler delivering just enough fun and zip to keep the festivities moving along.  Some notable appearances, especially by Jodie Foster, who received the Cecil B. DeMille award, giving a moving and personal speech, and...
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