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Review: The Comedian (AFI FEST 2016)

PLOT : An insult comic, who at one time became a popular sitcom star, tries desperately to escape his squeaky clean television image. REVIEW : AFI Film Festival has returned to Los Angeles, and once again we at JoBlo are checking out some of this year’s presentations. The first film I had the opportunity to take on was the Robert De Niro dark comedy THE COMEDIAN....
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The Devil's Advocate is being adapted as a television series at NBC

I don't know about you, but I loved THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. Despite Keanu Reeves awful accent, Taylor Hackford 's horror/legal thriller gave us one of the last great performances from Al Pacino who chews each scene as the perfect big screen Satan. Plus, we got a sexy Charlize Theron and a buck naked Connie Nielsen in one of the most awkward sex scenes in movie history. Well, it...
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Review: Parker

PLOT: Parker ( Jason Statham ) - a master thief, is betrayed by his partners ( Michael Chiklis , Clifton Collins Jr., and Wendell Pierce ) and left for dead. He survives, and becomes bent on retribution and recovering his share of the loot. He tracks them to Palm Beach, Florida- where a real-estate broker ( Jennifer Lopez ) becomes embroiled in his deadly scheme. REVIEW:...
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Exclusive 1:1 interview with Parker star Jason Statham!

I’m not afraid to admit that I am a massive fan of Jason Statham . As an action star he carries certain legitimacy when he destroys his enemies and he seems to have fun doing it. In his latest film PARKER – directed by the acclaimed director Taylor Hackford – he continues this trend fighting off some bad guys including Michael Chiklis , Clifton Collins Jr., Wendell Pierce and Micah...
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Exclusive 1:1: interview with Parker star Michael Chiklis!

As far as I’m concerned, Michael Chiklis is a freaking legend. This may have something to do with his magnificent work on the FX Network series “The Shield” but the fact is the man is a powerful force whenever he is on-screen. This guy can play the kind of “heavy” that you just don’t want to mess with better than anybody. In his latest, he faces off against Jason Statham in PARKER and...
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The trailer for Jason Statham's Parker with Michael Chiklis and Jennifer Lopez is surprisingly cool

Something very strange happened while watching the trailer for director Taylor Hackford's PARKER; I suddenly had the desire to see a Jason Statham movie in the theater.  Sounds crazy, right?  To be fair, Statham is great to watch, but it's a rarity anymore that I'd rush out to see him on the big screen.  However, with PARKER, you have a bang-up cast and a well-versed director spearheading...
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Poster round-up part two: Jason Statham's Parker and wicked art for Killing Them Softly

The posters you're about to see for the two movies at hand could not be more different.  In quality, in marketing potential, in... well, in just about every respect imaginable.   One is for PARKER , starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez and directed by Taylor Hackford (RAY, being married to Helen Mirren). And it is... well, it's a doozy, to be polite. Or maybe lets put it...
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