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First teaser trailer for Fox's Batman-themed TV show Gotham arrives

Fox has released the first GOTHAM trailer for the upcoming prequel series; it’s short and sweet while still driving the point home that this is taking place BEFORE Batman folks. Here’s the non-brief synopsis for the series: Everyone knows the name Commissioner Gordon. He is one of the crime world’s greatest foes, a man whose reputation is synonymous with...
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Josh Hartnett is a big-haired cowboy on the set of Sam Mendes' Penny Dreadful

I'll be honest, the first thing that drew my attention to this story was this bizarre thumbnail of Josh Harnett . At a glance, he looked like he was cross-dressing, then when I clicked through to the actual article things got weird. Then as I'm scrolling through the pictures I see this teaser for an upcoming Showtime series called PENNY DREADFUL. Nice title, right? If a teaser...
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Who is Carrie? The first teaser for the film gives us a chilling look at Chloe Grace Moretz as the title character

Who is CARRIE? There's a town telling rumors in this new teaser for the film. That's basically what the trailer is-- a slow reveal of the title character. I'm going to be honest here, it kind of freaked me out a little. Usually I can call bullshit on a horror movie, and while it is still early, the teaser does a great job of making the final product look promising. ChloŽ...
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What did I just watch?: The trailer for The Canyons featuring Lindsay Lohan and porn star, James Deen

They say not to judge a book by its teaser trailer, but it sort of lends me to do otherwise. A teaser for Bret Easton Ellis' THE CANYONS has arrived. Aside from wondering what method of acting Lindsay Lohan is using on this film, the trailer presents itself to be exactly what it is-- a cheap, sleazy, corny mess. I enjoy Ellis' work, but after seeing the trailer I wonder if this...
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