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Creator Jonathan Ames says Bored to Death movie is still alive

After airing for three seasons, HBO cancelled Bored to Death in 2011, however in 2013 it was reported that the network was developing a television movie to wrap up the series. There hasn't been much movement on the project since then, but creator Jonathan Ames provided an update on it during a conversation with Collider about his new show Blunt Talk, and Ames says eventually he...
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Bruce Campbell to play Ronald Reagan in season 2 of FX's Fargo

TV Line just made my day. The site has learned that Bruce Campbell has been cast as pre-President Ronald Reagan in the second season of Fargo. Campbell will only appear in one episode, and it's not clear if the actor will share a scene with his Burn Notice co-star Jeffrey Donovan , who will have a recurring role on the FX series. Campbell actually cameoed in the original...
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Face-Off: Woody Allen vs. Larry David

Last week, your votes were just about split in the battle of the Batmen , with no clear winner between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. As far as other Caped Crusaders you’d most trust to protect Gotham City, Val Kilmer managed a distant third, while George Clooney ranked just as high as Will Friedle’s voice. With Woody Allen’s latest feature, BLUE JASMINE , due out on Friday, this...
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