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New trailer for Namco's Tekken 7 unleashed

I've always had a thing for fighting games. Something about a large cast of colorful characters, with long and convoluted backstories, using a vast array of flashy over-the-top powers to beat the shit out of each other just... got me. Even if my brother constantly whomped my ass and won't stop mashing buttons!!!! Jesus !!! Ahem . Anyway, while I was...
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C'mon Hollywood: Should videogames be adapted?

Living in today’s world, it’s almost impossible to not play video games to some degree.   Some are obsessed to an unhealthy level of gameplay, while others keep it casual enough to be a fun escape.   With the videogame industry generating billions of dollars per year and people gaming on one platform or another now more than any other time in history, it’s...
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