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Vince Vaughn channels more serious side in trailer for Term Life

TRUE DETECTIVE Season Two certainly has its fair share of critics and detractors, but, if there is one benefit I found coming out of last year's run (in addition to a solid climax), it was that Vince Vaughn was able to shake loose a lot of his Vince Vaughn -ness. For years, it had felt like Vaughn was trapped playing this one particular character who moved from movie to...
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Casting Round-Up Ladies Edition with Ellie Kemper and Hailee Steinfeld

Ellie Kemper has nabbed the part as Rob Coddry's wife in SEX TAPE. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz will reunite with their BAD TEACHER helmer to star in film that follows, "a husband (Segel) and wife (Diaz) who take a night off from the kids and decide to spice things up by making a sex tape. But after their private footage is accidentally synched to a handful of other...
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