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New Terminator television series coming in 2015 will be designed to intersect with the big screen reboot

It appears the plan for TERMINATOR 5 is not just to reboot the famed Arnold Schwarzenegger franchise on the big screen but on TV as well. Skydance and Annapurna are planning a new television show that will be executive produced by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier who are writing TERMINATOR 5. The series will be written and run by writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller who wrote...
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Tom Hardy is wanted for the role of John Connor in Terminator 5

The other day when I posted the story about the potential actors for TERMINATOR 5 I knew you guys wouldn't be too thrilled. Nevertheless, it all seems to be true except for the bit about Boyd Holbrook (HATFIELDS & MCCOYS) being up for the role of John Connor. But guess who is on the list for John Connor? Tom Hardy . Yes. Tom motherf*cking Hardy. I know his name is...
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Terminator 5 Casting: Five actors are being considered for the roles of Sarah and John Connor

I've been waiting for some sort of news on TERMINATOR 5. I'm excited about the possibility that Alan Taylor (GAME OF THRONES, THOR: THE DARK WORLD) could be the director. He certainly has a lot to say about the production for someone who doesn't even have the job yet…or does he? I have a feeling we will know for sure soon enough. On to the news of the day, the guys over at...
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Director Alan Taylor says that Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise would be inspiration for Terminator reboot

Director Alan Taylor wants us all to know that he is only rumored (he's under personal policy to say that it's a rumor) to be directing TERMINATOR 5 so any ideas given hence forth may or may not come to fruition. That out of the way, when the helmer of THOR: THE DARK WORLD was interviewed by /Film and Film School Rejects, there were a few interesting tidbits about where...
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Will Dwayne Johnson be in Terminator 5? Also possible plot details

We're not sure what role he is up for but it seems that Dwayne Johnson is being eyed to star in TERMINATOR 5. According to a source close to WWE Examiner, the reason that Johnson may be missing out on WrestleMania 30 next April has to do with his possible involvement with T5. The source also states that one version of the script is tailored just for Johnson. Which sounds more...
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Schwarzenegger says he will be a cyborg, not a human, in Terminator 5

On the heels of the news that TERMINATOR 5 may be heading to Paramount to begin filming in 2014 comes the latest news on the character Arnold Schwarzenegger will play in the latest sequel to the James Cameron classic. While Schwarzenegger has appeared in all four movies so far, his cameo in TERMINATOR: SALVATION was more of a CGI trick instead of an actual appearance. Speculation...
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Paramount may distribute Terminator 5 with filming eyed to begin in 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger himself declared that TERMINATOR 5 was coming soon and now it appears closer than ever. The Wrap is reporting that Paramount Pictures is close to getting distribution rights for TERMINATOR 5 and beyond for Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures and David Ellis on's Skydance Productions. This comes on the cusp of Justin Lin backing out of directing FAST AND...
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