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Top 10 Superhero Movie Villains!

A good superhero is only as good as his adversary. While we've had dozens and dozens of superhero movies over the last decade, the ones that stuck out are the ones with the really good villains. When you've got a great villain, the results are often classic (THE DARK KNIGHT). When the villain is a let down, you risk a major fan backlash, like what's happening now with IRON MAN 3 (although not...
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Face-Off: Superman vs. Superman II

For last weeks Face-Off , we went X-Men crazy in a match up between X-Men (the gem that started it all) and the latest outing X-Men: First Class (the film that redeemed the franchise). The original X-Men took the cake in the verdict, but you our readers split that opinion and pretty much made it a dead even race. Not bad, as any film is deserving of the win in their own ways. This week...
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