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Review: The Promise

THE PROMISE was originally reviewed as part of our TIFF 2016 coverage.  PLOT: In the final days of the Ottoman Empire, an Armenian medical student ( Oscar Isaac ) falls in-love with a French-educated Armenian woman (Charlotte Le Bon) who’s the mistress of a cynical American journalist ( Christian Bale ). Already facing hardship due to his betrothal to another woman,...
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Interview: Christian Bale, Terry George and More discuss The Promise!

THE PROMISE is the latest feature from filmmaker Terry George (IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, HOTEL RWANDA), and it’s an important one. Telling the story of a love triangle set during the last days of the Ottoman Empire. It is a part of history rarely explored in feature films, one that should be seen by those unaware of this period. The film features the incredible Oscar Isaac...
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Armenian Genocide drama The Promise debuts a gripping new trailer

Today, a new and emotionally-charged trailer for Terry George 's Armenian genocide drama THE PROMISE has landed online. The film, starring  Christian Bale ,  Oscar Isaac , Charlotte Le Bon, and Angela Sarafyan tells the true-life story of the abominable acts that resulted in the killing of 1.5 million people during the years of 1915-1923. The film itself looks...
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Armenian genocide film The Promise unfairly panned on IMDb

As a general rule of thumb, we here at JoBlo don't report the latest in politics or religion. We report film news, we review the movies, and we do our best to deliver content that's fun and insightful regarding the film medium. That's what we love doing and that's what we love sharing. Admittedly, sometimes that does cross over in the ever-controversial realm of politics...
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First trailer for The Promise tells a love story amid the Armenian Genocide

The explanation behind the Armenian Genocide is not easy to explain, but simply put, the Ottoman Empire (what would later become Turkey) rounded up and murdered over a million Armenian men, women and children throughout the first World War. A horrific event to be sure and one which the Turkish government continues to deny. Sounds like something you'd want to frame a love triangle...
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Charlize Theron developing drama called The Clan about the Scots repelling Viking invaders

The world doesn't have enough fictional media material about Vikings, really. It's as simple as that. Thankfully someone of Charlize Theron's stature realized this hole in the current world of cinematic storytelling, and so has begun to take steps towards rectifying this sad fact with a drama she's producing for ABC called "The Clan." And she's not doing it alone either - Terry George...
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