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Dig that leaked Deadpool footage? The writer/producer wants your help!

DEADPOOL sounds like one of the greatest comic book films that's never been made. There's an audience for it and that was made abundantly clear when test footage was leaked showing the titular anti-hero in action via some nifty special effects and a performance from the Ryan Reynolds we all know and love (not this GREEN LANTERN/R.I.P.D. bullshit). There's a lot of hurdles in the way...
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Update: Cool test footage for Tim Miller's Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds

UPDATE: An HD version is currently viewable. Get it while it's hot! Back in 2012 it was revealed VFX artist/director Tim Miller filmed some test footage for a DEADPOOL movie featuring Ryan Reynolds as the "Merc with a Mouth," but unfortunately the footage never landed online..until now. Footage from the project was recently leaked , and I don't know...
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