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Things get bloody in the red band trailer for The ABCs of Death 2

A few years ago, THE ABCS OF DEATH took the horror anthology to new depths of depravity. The collection of 26 short films, each inspired by one of the letters of the alphabet, was a mix of disturbingly original and just awful takes on unique ways of dispatching people from this mortal coil. If you are one of those who loves this type of movie, get ready for THE ABCS OF DEATH 2....
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Review: The ABCs of Death

PLOT: Twenty-six short films about death, each from a different director, and each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. REVIEW: An omnibus film is always a dicey proposition, and if nothing else, THE ABCs OF DEATH deserves a whole lot of credit for being bold. Twenty-seven directors, including Jason Eisener , Ti West , Ben Wheatley , and Adam Wingard...
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The green-band trailer for the horror anthology The ABC's of Death is just as awesome as the red-band trailer

From the directors of...everything, comes this new horror anthology THE ABC'S OF DEATH, featuring a cavalcade of style and genre mash-ups that are sure to be a visceral punch to the face.  Well, that's what it looks like anyway.  I have to be honest, I kind of dismissed this when the red-band trailer was released, which is rare.  However, after a second viewing and now with...
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