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Peter Jackson is at work on something secret for Steven Spielberg

Peter Jackson has a secret.  And so does Steven Spielberg .  And together, they'll reveal the exact nature of it when the time is right... but for now, all that we're allowed to know is that they're working on something that isn't THE ADVENTURE OF TINTIN 2. In a recent interview promoting this weekend's release of THE BFG, Spielberg...
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Peter Jackson says he will return to TinTin once The Hobbit is complete

For those who enjoyed Steven Spielberg 's first chapter of a the planned two-part series of TinTin movies, THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN, it appears that director Peter Jackson , who has been slated to direct the follow up since the project was announced, still intends to return uphold his end of the bargain. Jackson told reporters that he intends to return to the...
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Peter Jackson will film his Tintin sequel next year for a 2015 release

I bet many of you never thought you would see that headline. With THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN only grossing $77 million domestically, it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Peter Jackson would not be making the second film in the proposed trilogy. Well, it seems that thanks to the wonderful international box office numbers (close to $400 million), THE...
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