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Exclusive: Cool featurette for The Art of The Steal starring Kurt Russell

THE ART OF THE STEAL is hitting blu-ray/DVD today and today we have an exclusive look at a behind-the-scenes featurette that shows how a flashback sequence was created for "The Theft of the Mona Lisa." It's a cool peek into the machinations of working with green screen and digital effects to create a certain look, which here is reminiscent of early 1900's style film....
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Veronica Mars, The Art of the Steal ...

This week: You bought it, you got it - the return of 'Veronica Mars.' Plus, the 40th anniversary of 'Blazing Saddles' and a big week for '80s comedies. ► VERONICA MARS truly is a game-changer – a movie not just made strictly for fans of the TV show, but funded by them as...
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Review: The Art of The Steal

PLOT: A former thief gets roped into pulling off a massive art heist with his half-brother, who betrayed him years earlier. REVIEW: While not poised to knock anybody's socks off, a very likable ensemble cast and some clever wordplay make Jonathan Sobel's THE ART OF THE STEAL a pleasant surprise. A fairly light-hearted caper flick, it's the rare case where you can feel several...
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Exclusive Interview: The Art of the Steal's Kurt Russell and Jonathan Sobol

In THE ART OF THE STEAL, Kurt Russell leads an impressive cast including Jay Baruchel, Matt Dillion and Terence Stamp. Writer/director Jonathan Sobol’s feature film takes a playful look at crime and deception between brothers. Both Russell and Dillion do an impeccable job as rival siblings in a cutthroat world. The lighthearted caper is definitely worth checking out as the ever so...
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