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Is Marvel's Doctor Strange being groomed to be the next Iron Man?

Seems like more and more information keeps rolling in for Marvel's Phase 3 frontrunner DOCTOR STRANGE. Latino Review has information on the plot details of the initial origin film that the studio is prepping, while a source for CBM has info on how Marvel is approaching the character. Up to this point, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been held together with the glue of Robert Downey Jr....
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Robert Downey Jr. signs on to play Iron Man in next two The Avengers sequels!

Rest easy, fanboys and girls, Robert Downey Jr. is still Iron Man. The actor has just signed on to play the armored billionaire playboy for the next two THE AVENGERS films. I can sense a collective sigh of relief from across the interwebs already. Although the latest entry in the solo franchise, IRON MAN 3, seemed to divide audiences, one thing remained certain: Downey Jr. IS made...
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Joss Whedon says the Guardians of the Galaxy will not appear in The Avengers 2

Despite being a key part of Phase Two, Joss Whedon has shot down rumors that the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY cast of characters will be appearing on screen in THE AVENGERS 2. While this does not rule out any members of THE AVENGERS 2 from showing up in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, it seems that Marvel wants to start new franchises without linking them directly. When asked about the...
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Aaron Taylor Johnson could go from Kick-Ass to Quicksilver for The Avengers 2

It makes sense that someone might want Aaron Taylor Johnson to take on a superhero role for a major comic film. He's had plenty of time as KICK-ASS so it's not like he would need to prepare. Well, he will have to slip into a different personality than Dave Lizewski. Johnson is being eyed to play Quicksilver in THE AVENGERS 2. At least he's got that whiny thing down. Dave did was...
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Joss Whedon won't make Avengers 2 without Robert Downey Jr.

At the beginning of May, there were rumors that the cast of THE AVENGERS wanted some more change after finding out that Robert Downey Jr. alone made $50 million for his role. Downey was in their corner saying once that the rest of the cast deserved more. Another issue was the fact that Downey was unsure whether we would return as Iron Man. When director Joss Whedon was asked about...
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Cast This: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for Avengers 2

Ready to cast a Brother-Sister team? Recently it was confirmed that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would be part of THE AVENGERS 2 roster. Whedon said that they kind of represent a part of the world that wouldn't necessarily agree with THE AVENGERS. The two definitely won't be making anything easier, and Whedon is not about to put any characters in the second installment that will...
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Does Marvel scouting South African locations confirm Black Panther is in The Avengers 2? Could we get an Inhumans movie in Phase Three?

As THE AVENGERS 2 gets closer to being a reality, Marvel will begin prep work to film in anticipation of the schedule 2015 release date. While Joss Whedon has formally announced that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will appear in the super squad sequel, rumblings have not quit that Black Panther will make an appearance as well. Those rumors were further fueled when Cape Town film studio...
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Joss Whedon talks Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, as well as Tony Stark's return in The Avengers 2

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen IRON MAN 3, then don't read this. Seriously. Joss Whedon has slowly let slip little details about THE AVENGERS 2 as the train starts to leave the station on that production and speaking to IGN he talked briefly about some new and returning characters. It's been confirmed that both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, the...
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Did Jeremy Renner piss off Marvel and will it cost him his Hawkeye gig?

Mark Ruffalo recently said that as far as he knew everyone would be back for THE AVENGERS 2. Well I hate to tell you this Mark but it looks like you might be wrong: CBM has a source claiming that Jeremy Renner is out as Hawkeye and the part might be re-cast. Why? You might remember that Renner had previously made these comments about how he wasn't too pleased with how his...
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As far as Mark Ruffalo knows, everyone is back on for The Avengers 2

Last week there was an industry rumor that some of THE AVENGERS cast may not be back for the second installment. This all starting with Robert Downey Jr. 's musings about retiring the character of Iron Man. Maybe it's all just silly Hollywood fear mongering. When Moviefone spoke with Mark Ruffalo about the situation, the actor has no knowledge of it: Moviefone: Are you back...
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Marvel Studios developing movies starring Ms. Marvel, Blade, The Runaways and Iron Fist

Despite Kevin Feige claiming the contrary, a recent conference call regarding Robert Downey Jr and his supposed renegotiations in light of IRON MAN 3's performance at the box office has brought to light Marvel Studio's plans post Phase 2. Not only is The Hollywood Reporter claiming that there are Black Panther and Doctor Strange movies being developed, there are several other heroes...
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Robert Downey Jr. has Marvel by the balls and possibly the rest of the Avengers behind him when it comes to negotiations for the second installment

The time has come for Marvel Studios to start talking contracts for THE AVENGERS 2. While several of members of the cast are already in place because of the first film and other Marvel installments, Robert Downey Jr. will be the one that they have to play hard ball with. The actors salary for IRON MAN 3 is somewhere near the $35 million mark then add the upwards of $70...
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