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Jack Black and Tim Robbins head up the trailer for HBO's satire The Brink

From series creator Roberto Benabib (Weeds, Ally McBeal) comes the half-hour dark comedy series, The Brink. This satire will focus on a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three disparate and desperate men: Walter Larson ( Tim Robbins ), the US Secretary of State, Alex Talbot ( Jack Black ), a lowly Foreign Service officer and Zeke Tilson ( Pablo Schreiber ), an ace Navy fighter pilot....
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HBO series The Brink starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins hits this summer

You may recall a show by the name of The Brink that was set to star Jack Black and Tim Robbins on HBO. It's been some time since we've received news about it but rest assured it's coming, and it's been announced that it's coming this summer. The 10-episode political satire will also star Pablo Schreiber (The Wire) and follow three individuals as they...
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Jack Black and Tim Robbins to star in a new politically themed HBO series, The Brink

If the threat of global annihilation were on the cusp, who would you want to defend your nation? If you imagined someone along the lines of either Tim Robbins or Jack Black , you are not alone. HBO and producer Jay Roach have both of those actors in mind for the upcoming series THE BRINK. Deadline reports that the two actors will take lead roles in the series that follows three...
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