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Review: Europa Report

PLOT : After the disappearance of a privately funded space expedition, the events are finally released via footage received from the doomed crew of Europa One. The discovery is a surprisingly inspired take on the “found footage” science fiction movie with not a single killer moon rock spider. Some Spoilers ahead. REVIEW : In the new science fiction take on the “found footage”...
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Sharlto Copley witnesses something extraterrestrial in the full trailer for Europa Report

After several mysterious teasers, we now have a full look at the trailer for EUROPA REPORT starring Sharlto Copley . The film, which employs found footage, tells the story of the first manned mission to the titular moon. What happens next is hard to tell but it certainly seems like aliens are involved. For an indie, this looks pretty damn impressive. The trailer touts comparisons...
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The Europa Report starring District 9's Sharlto Copley picked up by Magnet Releasing

Back in November we brought you a teaser for THE EUROPA REPORT , a science fiction film with Sharlto Copley and directed by Sebastiàn Cordero. Things have been quiet since then, but we have news now that Magnet Releasing (a genre arm of Magnolia Films) has picked up distributing rights to the movie. Aintitcool has the press release: "A unique blend of documentary,...
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The teaser for The Europa Report hints that Sharlto Copley may be in for some crazy outer space shenanigans

I like my science fiction claustrophobic and unsettling. Give me movies like ALIEN, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, SUNSHINE or MOON and I will be a happy camper. That is the reason why I am greatly anticipating Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY and Sebastian Cordero's THE EUROPA REPORT. Starring Sharlto Copley, THE EUROPA REPORT looks like a beautifully shot movie. I am sure the imagery from this...
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