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Channing Tatum once auditioned for Fast & Furious and it went horribly wrong

Although it's probably safe to say that Channing Tatum has achieved major success in the past few years, appearing in films like 21 JUMP STREET, MAGIC MIKE, and HAIL, CAESAR!, it wasn't that long ago when Tatum was just another struggling actor hungry for a breakout role. Tatum's chance at that role may have come earlier than it did, had he not bungled his audition for a...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Ridiculous Moments in the Fast & Furious series

The Fast and Furious movies have almost as many ludicrous and unbelievable sequences as fast cars, and Frank Kemp has ranked the top ten most ridiculous moments from the franchise for our latest Exclusive Cool Video. The list isn't limited to just the over-the-top action set pieces that the series has become known for though, so there are a few memorable scenes that didn't make...
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