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David Fincher talks 20,000 Leagues, "dull" superhero movies, The Game & more

In a lengthy conversation with Playboy , David Fincher talked about his past and future projects, and revealed his plans for the 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA remake. Fincher also explains why he's not interested in doing a superhero film, and says he probably shouldn't have directed THE GAME. Yesterday we learned why David Fincher won't be directing 20,000...
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Why I Love Movies - Chapter V

Why do I love movies? Well, that is a loaded question. How much time do you have? I could go into a long-winded diatribe about the art of film-making or the magic of the movies, but all of that has been said countless times before. Not every movie is a masterpiece, but every film has touched me in one way or another. Every other week, we will look at a handful of reasons why movies...
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Top 10 Halloween Double Features

Whether you are going out or staying in this Halloween, there are thousands of horror movies to choose from to celebrate the holiday. But, in classic scary movie fashion, why not make it a double feature? Here are ten double features that you could throw on Halloween or this weekend or any time you are looking to get scared shitless. Some are fun, some are horrifying, but all are a good...
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