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It's time to nominate all of your favorite films & performances in the 13th annual Golden Schmoes!

It's that time of the year again, folks, as The 13th Annual Movie Awards aka THE GOLDEN SCHMOES kicks off it's tradition of letting YOU vote for your favorite films of 2013! If you're unfamiliar with how The Golden Schmoes work, no problem, just CLICK HERE for instructions. And, if you want the rundown on just what it's all about, CLICK HERE...
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And the 2012 Golden Schmoes winners are...!!

Unlike previous years where one film will dominate the Golden Schmoes (see table below), it was an overall mix of different films winning this year, which is what I personally prefer anyway (I think it's kinda boring to vote for the same movie in every single category). Despite both DJANGO UNCHAINED and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES getting the most nominations , it was...
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The 2012 Golden Schmoes nominees are announced!

First of all, thanks to everyone who voted for their favorites! The official nominations for the 12 th Annual Movie Awards (aka the Golden Schmoes) have now been compiled and the final voting will begin on Monday (February 11 - 21) , so sharpen your fingernails and get ready to vote for your faves. The winners will be announced on Friday,...
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Nominate all of your favorite films & performances from 2012 in the 12th edition of the Golden Schmoes!

That's right, boys and chicks, it's that time of year again: time for you to vote for your favorites from 2012 in the 12th Annual Movie Awards aka THE GOLDEN SCHMOES!! (Psst, we updated the site so surf around if you care about previous years' winners and shit) For anyone who doesn't know how the Golden Schmoes work, CLICK HERE for...
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