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Review: The Grand Seduction

PLOT: in the small harbor of Tickle Cove, Newfoundland, the dying fish industry has ruined the town's economy, and their only hope of regaining prosperity is to convince an oil company to establish a factory that would lead to full employment for the town. However, the company refuses to consider the town unless they have a full time doctor. Enter the unlucky Dr. Lewis ( Taylor...
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Fun trailer for The Grand Seduction with Brendan Gleeson & Taylor Kitsch

While you're being bombarded by the explosions, monsters, robots, and superheroes of the summer box office, there may come a point when you need a good palate cleanser. For me, the best films to fit that mold are light, airy, and fun indie dramas or comedies and it looks like THE GRAND SEDUCTION will fill that need graciously. Starring Brendan Gleeson , Taylor Kitsch , and Liane Balaban,...
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