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"What Should You See This Summer?" Flowchart is hilarious and bitingly true

We're well into THE HEAT of the summer movie season, inundated with a slew of KICK-ASS pics that have flooded cinemas like a wave of WORLD WAR Z zombies from the Atlantic coast to the PACIFIC RIM. But, if you think THIS IS THE END , then you ain't seen nothin' yet, as the hits are coming FAST AND FURIOUS with enough force to bring about THE WORLD'S END. So far,...
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Some people think the summer movie season kicked off last weekend with the opening of OBLIVION, but for those of us that track the summer box office like March Madness, it only really starts with the first weekend in May, once IRON MAN 3 lands in about a billion theaters. While last year boasted THE AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and seemed to be the most packed season ever, summer of 2013...
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