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New Line has registered a new potential title for the third Hobbit film

With less than a year until the release of the final chapter in Peter Jackson 's LORD OF THE RINGS prequels, THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN, rumors are surfacing that studio New Line Cinema may be considering a retitling of the film. Granted, just because the studio has registered a title it doesn't mean it is for a feature film, but The One Ring fan site makes a compelling argument...
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C'mon Hollywood: Get back to the gore, Peter Jackson!

Sticking closely to shoe-string budgeted films and appropriately titled "splatstick" horror comedies, Peter Jackson wasn't exactly the biggest name being passed around the film community back in the day. It wasn't until he received recognition for his work on HEAVENLY CREATURES that he was able to break away from the cult director status he associated himself with and before long,...
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2014 Warner Bros. Preview!

Warner Bros. topped the box office in 2013, taking 17.1 percent of the overall Studio Market Share and a $5 billion total box office take with such hits as MAN OF STEEL, GRAVITY, THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG, WE'RE THE MILLERS, THE GREAT GATSBY, PACIFIC RIM, and THE CONJURING, making for a banner year. 2014 is another big year for the studio with no less than 17 movies on the docket,...
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Cool Videos: Orlando Bloom celebrates his final day filming The Hobbit by mocking himself

Seven years ago, THE LORD OF THE RINGS was the subject of countless memes, one of which was a remix of the Legolas quote "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard" as spoken by Orlando Bloom . The video has amassed over 12 million views on YouTube . So, as THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN concludes filming for actors, each is commemorating in their own way. Last week we saw Peter...
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The Hobbit: There And Back Again has been pushed back to December 2014

Quick, but important news here. According to Deadline, THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN has been pushed back from the initial June 18, 2014 date to December 17, 2014. Yay! Christmas present! I find it sort of fitting that THE HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG and THERE AND BACK again will both be released in December. Obviously not a Christmas movie, but something about them...
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EW's next issue offers four collectible covers for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and teases a look at the next film

You thought we were going to wait until after THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY released to start talking about the two films set to follow it? To be fair, so did I .  But then EW came along with their four collectible "action pose" covers and the tease of a peek at THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG (Chapter Two) and an actual peek at THERE AND BACK AGAIN (Chapter 3), and that silly...
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C'mon Hollywood: Enough with trilogies!

With the recent announcement of Peter Jackson extending his recently wrapped two-part THE HOBBIT into a trilogy, I was left scratching my head as to why it was necessary.   They tackled the production from the start with two films in mind and executed it as such.   Jackson knew he’d want to pack as many details in it as he could, so he gave himself an extra film...
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