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What's New in Blu-ray and DVD releases this month? (February 2015)

This month on Blu-ray and DVD, Stephen Hawking teaches THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING , J.K. Simmons gives Miles Teller WHIPLASH , Rogen and Franco tick off an entire country with THE INTERVIEW , Jake Gyllenhaal buys a camera and becomes a NIGHTCRAWLER , Bill Murray dons a halo for ST. VINCENT , the boys (and Jennifer Aniston) return for HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 , Keanu Reeves plays...
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Review: The Homesman

PLOT : When three of the townswomen are driven to the brink of insanity, a respected and middle-aged maiden by the name of Mary Bee Cuddy offers to help. The lonely but religiously devout woman sets off on a journey across the country to bring the women to a minister for help. On her travels she runs into a ne’er-do-well stranger whom she convinces to help her on the long road she and...
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The Western lives in a new trailer for Tommy Lee Jones' The Homesman

Tommy Lee Jones ' THE HOMESMAN has him pulling triple duty as writer, director and star of the great looking western drama. It’s been on my radar since last spring when we saw an international trailer back in April. The release date is closing in, and if you’re a fan of great westerns, this looks like it’s going to fit the bill just right. With the trailer and...
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Cool trailer for Tommy Lee Jones' western The Homesman with Hilary Swank

The first (and last) time I'd heard about Tommy Lee Jones' feature directorial debut (correction, he previously directed the feature THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA) THE HOMESMAN, was the casting of Tim Blake Nelson . Since then it's been a mum affair, until this surprisingly cool trailer popped up. At first, the trailer seems like it may be just another...
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Tim Blake Nelson cast in the directorial efforts of both James Franco and Tommy Lee Jones

Tim Blake Nelson is one of those "Hey it's that guy" actors . You take a look at his face and you think, "There's probably ten films I can list with him in it, and another ten I'd completely forget." These actors are a bit older, slightly unique looking, and normally get supporting roles. Steve Buscemi , Paul Giamatti , and Philip Seymour Hoffman definitely fall into that group....
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