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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: John Dies at the End, The Bible, Marvel Universe: Phase One ...

This week: John Dies at the End serves up some crazy; Marvel assembles a new boxed ... er, briefcase set; and The Killing tries making amends.  ► Don Coscarelli ’s gonzo spirit is the perfect match for JOHN DIES AT THE END , based on the comically creepy David Wong novel about a weird sauce which opens the...
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Peter Sarsgaard joins the third season of AMC's The Killing

AMC's THE KILLING was unceremoniously cancelled after season 2 when fans flew into viewer rage at the mystery dragging on for 26 episodes. Many, including myself, thought the tagline asking who killed Rosie Larsen would have been wrapped after the initial season. Instead, we were given more red herrings than any mystery novel or movie ever made. After working out a deal with...
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